Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mandate of Heaven: Character Introduction

This is the opening scene showing Choi Won carrying Rang while they are being chased by the police brigade for he is accused of a treacherous crime.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nine: Quick Recap from Episode 4 - 8

Watch Online!

What you're about to read might spoil some scenes, however I made sure that I won't be including the important details within each of the episodes. Rest assured that your interest is being considered first before this very quick and short recap. Most importantly, I'm doing this to give you a glimpse of its scope but not as wide as the development of the story line. I am by no means of spoiling it to as far as compromising the suspense and the thrill.

This wouldn't be as easy task as it is if not for its very busy plot in forming its conclusive evidences yet with its exceptional time management. You can't afford to blink an eye because you'll gonna miss a lot then.

Episode 4:

Sung Woo's friend and at the same time his physician posed threats on him that if he won't  be hospitalized, he's going to reveal to everyone that he's a ticking bomb.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Halftime Report: Dating Agency Cyrano

The Casts:

Lee Jong Hyuk as Seo Byung Hoon

He is the co-founder of Cyrano, an agency that was first established by a group of friends from high school. The original members still remain to be unmentioned in the series. I'm not sure if this was a dating agency from the start however, they used to film videos of them together and such while doing school activities.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Quick ReCap: Nine Times Time Travel

Watch: Episode 2 & 3

Sung Woo has found out the mystery of lighting up the incense - it's when the door opens for him to go way back 20 years before the present time.

To everyone who's not familiar of the use of incense like myself. According to google: some culture believes that it takes away evil and bad luck, to which they are being used mainly in ceremonies, meditation, etc.

But in this drama, incense is a key instrument to bring Sung Woo back in time. This provides the opportunity to change the wrong decisions made in the past into right ones as it could greatly affect the present life and the future of his family.

Drama Introduction: Nine Times Time Travel

Episode 1: Synopsis / Watch! 

I was deeply impressed and stunned by the beauty of these shots as much as I appreciated its effort to engage me in. If this thing is going to continue for the rest of the episodes, then I'll be there to witness for sure.

The ones who are in charge of the scenery have brilliant eye-view. Thanks for the great visual treats you've given me in your first episode, drama. I owe you a lot.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

[Update] Current Dramas

I decided that this will purely be text so expect sincerity and openness from this post.

I find myself out of the loop with reality recently because of blogging; but whatever, I'm happiest doing this despite of manning three blogs all at the same time. You probably wonder how they are different in as far as we speak about content. Well, not much on it but I guess it's with my style of writing and expression. In here, I tend to be self conscious and I'm always on a serious tone; the second one is more personal, more intimate, and it's where more intensive fangirling happens; then for the last one, it's where I unleash my creativeness in writing with relation to the dramas that I watch and the like. With these three blogs running all together, it's not tiring at all. The only thing that interrupts me are the three things: school, eating time and sleeping hours. Because of this, I'm already considering to take a break from school next semester so I could concentrate more of this without any external pressures upon me. Hopefully, I'd be guided with the right decision but definitely, I won't stop improving with what I have started which is this blog and my other blogs as well, sharing bits of my fangirl entity and blogging for you guys.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Review: The Greatest Love


It's a fun love story revolving around a movie superstar and an ex-member of a then girl-group called The National Treasure Girls which popularity has disappeared overtime. It all started when Dok Ko Jin who has heart problem that led him to undergo operation in the past suddenly experienced his heart beating faster upon hearing an old song, which happens to be a hit track by the girl group where Ae Jung was part of. Meanwhile, in the memory of the past, Ae Jung still uses the song as her ringtone even after 10 years to which Dok Ko Jin recognized. Strangely, being around her makes Dok Ko Jin at ease and he feels healthier that ever, using her as power booster when he feels weak. Due to this, he became clingy to his assumption that the song has healing powers over him and as a result, he developed feelings of attachment and love to her.

Lee Seung Gi for Esquire

I was thrilled to learn that Lee Seung Gi posed for Esquire Korea even though I wasn't sure why, probably because Esquire is a fashion magazine and I expected a lot from it, and from the fact that they went to Hawaii to shoot this one is really something. At the first sight of the finished product, I was excited because he exudes the aura of a matured man through the pictures which I liked, it's as if he has transformed a lot from the last time I saw him. 

It's a bummer that I haven't finished Gu Family Book yet but I have reasons to that: first is that it wasn't that promising, second is because I haven't fully recovered from him in Shining Inheritance so I don't see any character of his surpassing Hwan's. Anyway, I am a fan of his music in general and adding to that, his past variety show has left a really good impression of him so it's already given to support this guy with all of his projects along the way. Though, I am just disappointed of myself because I can't go to his fan meet stops in SEA because I don't have the funds to travel yet and all but hopefully soon, I'm definitely not giving up.

Saving for this one too!

More Awesome Pictures Ahead! 

roannt: Jung Kyung Ho

source: Jung Kyung Ho facebook page

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Review: City Hunter

Lee Min Ho - Lee Yoon Sung
Park Min Young - Kim Na Na


City Hunter's role in the society is made essential through his presence in putting the corrupt government officials behind bars. However, his participation to the good cause is not being recognized by the authorities as something legal. Thus, they chased after him under the crimes committed by other individuals, as he is blamed for few cases of murder. Regardless of these accusations in his name, his will to avenge his life over his parents whom he believed abandoned him didn't stop and also, he would continue being the city hunter until justice is served.

Review: 49 Days

Jo Hyun Jae - Han Kang
Lee Yo Won - Sung Yi Kyung
Nam Gyu Ri - Shin Ji Hyun
Jung Il Woo - Sung Yi Soo
Bae Soo Bin - Kang Min Ho


The story portrayed the journey of a soul from a person’s body that is at a comatose state in the hospital. At this point, the soul is given a chance to return to her body only if she will accomplish the task asked of her by the death guardian. The task can only be executed through the help of another person's body to borrow, proven that she has pure heart and at the same time, was chosen by the death angel. Her mission is to find at least three persons who truly cared for her in her lifetime in a span of 49 days with exclusion to her family members. At first, she was confident enough to finish the task without a problem. But then, later on as she gets to learn her friends from another person’s point of view, everything is totally different from what she believed in.

roannt: Thoughts on Heartless City


Jung Kyung Ho - Jung Shi Hyun
Nam Gyu Ri - Han Soo Min
Lee Jae Yoon - Ji Hyun Min


roannt: Thoughts on Heartless City: I'm unstoppable today watching Heartless City. I managed to finish up until episode 15 which was so good, I didn't expect there'...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

roannt: Heartless City

roannt: Heartless City: I'm now on episode 9 of this show and I can't seem to stop myself from watching. This drama is so good and it lives up to what I&#39...

Friday, July 19, 2013

[Kdrama Recommendation] Mandate of Heaven, Heartless City

Mandate of Heaven
Now Watching: Ep 14

This is such an underrated in comparison of the essence of its production to the ones who are getting more popularity but with lesser substance to what this drama has to offer to the viewers. Seriously.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

[ALBUM] Incredible by XIA Junsu

To Junsu

in your wildest FANTASY
And with NO REASON, I won't ask.

I lost my sanity with "ISN'T THIS SONG FUNNY?"
Let's spread the laughter and TURN IT UP.

An APOLOGY is better than a while lie;
Keep your faith close to your RAINY EYES.

I'M IN LOVE by the heartbeat you are the one to give;
Be my shield to loneliness, I beg you DON'T LEAVE.

This is more than a CONFESSION,
You're indeed INCREDIBLE!
From 11AM and beyond you bring color to my world.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: The King 2 Hearts

Release Date: March 21, 2012
Genre: Romance, Dark Comedy, Action


Lee Seung Gi - Lee Jae Ha
Ha Ji Won - Kim Hang Ah


One of the national issues of Korea that remains to drop headlines all over the world is about the endless word war of its divided Peninsula: the South and the North. As it has been going on for years, putting a stop over the unresolved matter between the two governments seems to be a difficult assignment for anyone whether it be an individual, an organization or even a government. Both stands on the grounds of their rights rather than to entertain the idea of sitting together for a settlement which seems to be a very complex thing to do. If they could think of its benefits which is to avoid hurting and shedding blood of the innocent citizens of both countries, they could always choose the better deal.


It's clear that this series wanted both sides to come together but with a purpose of fighting a common enemy of the two who has an agenda of running his power all over the two countries. It is quite a symbolism because they gathered a cast composed of English speaking individuals that would represent other nationalities. Moreover, it wanted to go beyond the friction of the two countries as they involved other issues such as the involvement of the different nations to their dispute. Anyhow, as brave as this series can be, there are still lapses which they failed to attend to. Despite of the efforts exerted by this drama, it was clearly disturbed by too much idealism.

Friday, July 12, 2013

[FanGoods] TVXQ + Lee Seung Gi + Tablo + Reply Me 1997 + AKB48

Preview: TVXQ Goods

I got these fangoods as CassPh freebies during TONE album launch and 9G (9th Gathering)! Those are two of the three events I attended out of so many gatherings they have made in the past. With all these Kpop events in my country including CassPh's, 95% of the time I am MIA maybe because I have no one to be with as my company or maybe I was just busy that day. One thing I am sure of though is that when TVXQ or JYJ comes, I should be there! Like in the front row seats. That's all. Haha.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review: Swing Girls

Release Date: September 11, 2004
Genre: Comedy, Youth

Familiar Cast:

Ueno Juri - Tomoko Suzuki
(Nodame Cantabile)

Review: A Moment to Remember

Release Date: November 5, 2004
Genre: Romance, Melodrama

Jung Woo Sung - Cheol Su
Son Ye Jin - Su Jin


Probably dying is not the most fearful thing in the world, neither is fear of suffering; as it was portrayed in this movie, it is losing yourself and the world through your own sense of being. Not that it's just as simple as acquiring a sickness but it is the elimination of your precious memories throughout your life. Though there are cases wherein we also need to clear our minds from pollutants in order to give ourselves a momentary rest from the world. However, this case is the worst because you gradually forget the person that you are and the people whom you love as the disease takes its power over your life. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

[FANCAMS] TVXQ World Tour in Chile

Fanboys! YEAH!
source: t

According to fan-accounts:

Yunho said "It's getting hotter and hotter" in Spanish but the fans wasn't able to pick it up so he excused himself to check his cheat in his hand. LOL

Friday, July 5, 2013

Review: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Release Date: August 11, 2010


Lee Seung Gi - Cha Dong Woong
Shin Min Ah - Gumiho / Gil Dal


I watched this drama out of love for Lee Seung Gi but honestly speaking, at first I wasn't expecting anything great because I'm not the biggest fan of rom-com dramas and aside from that, I thought Shin Min Ah was not the perfect match for him as far as onscreen chemistry is concerned. Basing from the trailers that I saw, I was a bit hesitant about their team up. Anyway, I did watch it and contrary to my beliefs, I enjoyed it. The fact that it wasn't boring was not only because it's comedy but also they added a fantasy factor on it which is new to me I guess but then again, there are still pitfalls overall because this is a fantasy series. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

To my first love...

Taking a break from my drama reviews, I decided to make a post about my first love which is music.

Music is a universal language but ever since I found my love for it, my choices have always been totally different from the usual. However, it's not a choice really, it's fate! I was caught in a situation where I found myself happier with things like these. Nonetheless, of course, I still listen to music from my native language and from my second one which is English. My choices have made people question my preferences but as much as possible, I don't want to get affected by what people think of me and I think that's the best way to respond with the question (haha).

Monday, July 1, 2013

Review: A Werewolf Boy

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Family
Release Date: October 31, 2012


Song Joong Ki - Chul Soo
Park Bo Young - Soon Yi / Eun Joo


This is a story of a werewolf that has a physical attribute that of a human being. However, his behavior is in the likeness of his identity. One day, he appeared out of nowhere at the yard of a house where Soon Yi's family are the newly transferred residents. They relocated themselves in the village far from the city as advised by the doctor of hers due to her weak lung condition. She is to stay at home where she could do self study for exam qualifications.

They reported the case of Chul Soo, the werewolf boy to the authorities. But for the mean time, while the authorities investigate and are looking for a better place for him to stay, and since the family are the first to find out about him, they had to take over the role of being his guardian.