Sunday, February 23, 2014

Halftime Report: Pasta (2010)

Gong Hyo Jin as Seo Yoo Kyung
Lee Sun Gyun as Choi Hyun Wook

This is Pasta-in-love centered about the romance shared between a chef and a cook in the kitchen. The main attraction, other than the food is the spark brought by the sentiment of romance and the comedic tone of this drama that is grabbing and well delivered. With all the moments worthy of the eyes, heating up and tossing the emotions in the pan, it's a very sweet treat that anyone could enjoy.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Magazine Photoshoot: Grazia feat. TVXQ

GRAZIA KOREA 2014 Vol.24 동방신기

credit: Grazia Korea

I was left speechless when I saw the end product of this photo-shoot. Furthermore, I just can’t help myself from flailing over the video I posted above featuring TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin. It’s is a mini clip of the behind the scenes while doing the best thing that they are good at which is being attractive. I can only grin in appreciation of these two boys as they put on their charisma and model-like attitude on the shoot. I love Changmin’s mood which is relaxed through the vibes of just having fun; but I must say that Yunho, though I am biased with Changmin, really projects naturally in front of the camera. I don’t know, I thought his facial expressions do have presence and his eyes are expressive but  he couldn’t use them in his dramas (why though? He’s good at it when dancing but on the other end of his talent which is acting, he can’t do the same thing). Anyway, Changmin is that bit shy and aloof, nonetheless his height is suited for being a model and his face is also very handsome. I guess it’s where his charm comes from – being true to his nature even in front of the flashing lights.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Variety Recommendation: Running Man Episode 181 “Romeo and Juliet”featuring Lee Jong Suk, Park Bo Young, Lee Se Young

You can search up on google for this episode of Running Man which I decided to watch yesterday out of good mood. So, instead of catching up with dramas that I am currently watching, I chose to watch this one for reasons which couldn’t be any random. First is of course, Lee Jong Suk’s name is an instant magnet for me to click on the link. Second, the title caught my attention, “Romeo and Juliet” and I was curious as well; and third, Park Bo Young is also there who has left a good impression on me in “A Werewolf Boy”! And I knew that these two teamed up for a movie called “Hot Young Bloods” which is about rivalries, friendships and secret crushes held by students at a high school in Heongseong, South Korea set in the early 1980s. This movie was already released in Korea so I thought; it was for a promotion that’s why they were both invited on the show. However I was surprised there was no mention of the movie. Anyway, I believe I heard of them guesting but I didn’t really pay attention until yesterday.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

First Impression: Tomorrow, Mom will not be Here (Ashita, Mama ga inai)


Ashida Mana as Post, Suzuki Rio as Maki, Sakurada Hiyori as Piami, Watanabe Konomi as Bombi, Mikami Hiroshi as Sasaki Tomonori, Kimura Fumino as Mizusawa Kana, Miura Shohei as Locker, Sakai Miki as Ryoka, Shirota Yu as Tojo Yuki, Ohgo Suzuka as Otsubone

Yosh! I found a Japanese drama to watch side by side with Chocolatier, and this one is totally refreshing and lightweight drama. I love the kids so much and to speak about them, cute is an understatement. They are mega loaded with adorableness, squishiness and are very lovable as well. It's about orphans from different backgrounds that are gathered together in search for a perfect foster parents for them. They are handled by a middle aged man named Mao. He's the one arranging opportunities for the kids to experience how it's like having parents to take care of them; and with mutual agreement, eventually the kids will be separated from each other to live and make a household happy. In this essence, the drama also includes the value of finding happiness in life and how to create it despite the circumstances under them. Sometimes it's even more convenient to feel unhappy because too much happiness will cause sadness afterwards. Those realization will come to surface and as an adult, you could only agree to these.

In A Good Way Episode 12

Photo Credit: Yao Chun Yao's facebook page

In a nutshell, this is the best episode yet! I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to download this episode so I could repeat the amazing concert experience in this drama featuring Wu Bai and Zhang Zhen Yue, two of the most popular music acts from the 90s. During the concert, I found my love for new songs such as "Freedom" and "Love Me, Don't Leave" by Zhang Zhen Yue, so for that matter, I am happy and thankful I was introduced to them. Furthermore, the performances were awesome, Wu Bai was powerful and Zhang Zhen Yue was a quality and a passionate one as well. IAGW was able to insert some important scenes while the performances were going on and I thought this drama did so well in that department once again. Though I have read opinions such as they went far from reality with the production getting beyond expectations, I can't agree to them completely. Of course, we need those lighted props and such in order to characterize the scenes more and I find no fault in doing that. It doesn't hurt to give in to pleasures sometimes, moreover; it didn't overshadow the essence of the event, since they were able to show how everyone persevered to make it successful through the process. We saw them work hard and not disheartened by failures; hence, most certainly, they deserved an spectacular concert.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Halftime Report: I'm Sorry I Love You


So Ji Sub as Cha Moo Hyuk (Memories of Bali)
Im Soo Jung as Song Eun Chae
Jung Kyung Ho as Choi Yun (Heartless City)

I just caught up with watching this drama and I know that I'm a decade late for it but it's better than never. I think that this is one of the classic K-dramas out there that you shouldn't miss regardless of its age. However, you couldn't help but compare its cinematography to today's k-dramas since it was a bit lacking in the scenes yet we can still appreciate its touch. Yes or Yes? Nonetheless, I think that overall, it was well delivered in the acting department through the intensity of the emotions by the actors. Moreover, the fashion is not visually appealing as well but that's a given anyway. However, you couldn't help but to be really distracted of it sometimes. You couldn't imagine how these clothes made it to the trend few years ago. Even I myself thinks it's impossible - with all the baggy elements and the loose pants that So Ji Sub (Moo Hyuk) was sporting, I can only shake my head. But to further discuss the more important things, I think that I would focus my review on the story, on the actors and on why this has become phenomenal in Korea during those times. Also, I won't be missing it's lapses in the story as well.