Thursday, June 19, 2014

Review: Witch's Romance

In a nutshell: A romantic comedy series between a 39 year old career woman Ban Ji Yeon and a 25 year old medicine student and part timer Yoon Dong Ha

I just finished this drama last week and I have been setting aside my commitment to write a review because I can't believe that it's already over. But now it's really sinking in that mondays and tuesdays will never be the same again, I think that it's time to make one. 

Throughout the series, there was never a dull moment that was wasted. I don't have anything to dislike about the series, even with the presence of "polar bear" because it became an affirmation regarding the romance shared by Ban Ji Yeon and Yoon Dong Ha. Furthermore, I thought that he wasn't a bad person after all, contrary to the hateful things that has done to Ji Yeon which damaged his image. Also, I felt sorry to him that he was late to be back for her. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kdrama Updates: Witch's Romance, Triangle, Angel Eyes

Here is an update regarding the kdramas that I am following. I think this is the crucial part for me whether to continue watching or not because they are already halfway their broadcast and I have to pass through this stage to decide. Hmm, I shall start talking about them and let’s find out if they have gotten interesting.

Angel Eyes

Unfortunately, I find it hard getting through episode 10 of Angel Eyes. It’s been like 2-3 weeks since I enjoyed an episode of it. I think I have gotten through the first half of episode 10 and now, I am badly attached at the actors that I can’t afford to drop it. However, the reason why I am thinking twice is that the baddies are starting to make their move in ruining the plot? But still, I have the same concerns about it like I’ve had in my impression. This drama is lacking in terms of sequencing or transition. I find it sometimes hard because they insert scenes which diverts one emotion to another. I feel that it's a bit underwhelming when they suddenly insert the good, but followed by the bad right after. So, I feel like as a viewer, it contradicts the element of consistency hence getting on the way for a smooth transition. I thought, episodes 1-4 were fine regarding the pace but ever since Dong Ju revealed himself to Soo Wan again, it has become predictable. They reunited too fast for me. Plus, I pity the second male lead so much because he was being tossed around when the first love came in the picture. In his place, I feel like Soo Wan cheated on him all the while. I think I need this drama to get rid of its villain plans and keep up with the good. Through this, I think I can still bear to watch it till the final round of events.