Friday, August 1, 2014

Review: Triangle

First Impression

Synopsis: It’s a drama about three brothers who were separated for more than 20 years and later met with no recognition of each other. The eldest Jang Dong Soo has become a police officer diligent in finding his lost brothers and to take revenge to the people who have caused their father's death as an activist leader. The middle child Jang Dong Chul grew up as Heo Youngdal, a known gangster who apparently lost his childhood memories; while the youngest Jang Dong Woo lived as Yoon Yang Ha who was adopted by Chairman of a Casino and was raised to be the heir. Will they be able to make up for the years lost and fill the gaps between them for a reunion?


Its strengths are what I absolutely love about this drama. Probably one of the strengths which is the reason why I favored it mostly is the actors and the sequencing that was excellent to my standard. Since I have been following it from the beginning, I have heard various comments and opinions regarding this series in both extremes. Some viewers even make fun of the small details and some would tend to overlook them because some simply enjoy. To me, it has been very effective because I’m in that category of those who would fall to compliment it first before taking notice of the weak points. So, I would like to further discuss the strengths of it.