Monday, January 23, 2017

Review: Aogeba Totoushi (2016)

Plot: Koichi Hikuma is a former saxophone player who turned his back on music. However, through his passion he found hope in being an instructor to a high school brass band. Due to inevitable circumstances, the band consisted of some delinquent students in which he struggles to train.


Koichi Hikuma by Akira Terao

Ren Kitora by Mackenyu

Hiroto Aoshima by Nijiro Murakami

Nagisa Arima by Anna Ishii

My 2016 was complete as I ended the series. I thought that it was yet an another amazing piece of a J-drama. While watching, I was reminded of how my high school days went. The energy of being a teenager is unpaired despite the setbacks in life. In high school, we bring that kind of energy in which gains our harmony with our environment such as our classmates and teachers. Moreover, we all had our favorite teacher, whom we all felt connected with. For we are truly grateful to their contribution in shaping us to be the kind of person that we are today. The inspiration that they have brought to our lives is an unparalleled event. Therefore, this series reminds me of high school in so many ways.


Hikuma made a difference to the students in school upon his arrival to the brass band which changed the students for the better. He is the kind of teacher who’s being favored more due to his attitude that relates and tries to understand their violent behaviors. Therefore, he is welcomed in their world wherein he shows care, interest and affection.

Highly Recommended!

I truly enjoyed the series not only because it made me feel nostalgic but also, the actors were very convincing in their respective roles. I have a great appreciation for the genuine care of Hikuma towards the students, as he made sure that they would all feel attended while they are under him. It was also fun to watch the chemistry between Aoshima and Ren and among everybody else. The process of each event felt enriching and fulfilling. Each episode was made perfectly for the story to progress and for the characters to develop. This is one of the J-dramas this year that caught my attention and I gave it a try. Lucky enough, I scored a great one.

Why should you watch this series?

Nijiro Murakami

I have seen him in Anohana Live Action and he caught my eye and blew me away by his acting. He’s just as great in Aogeba Totoushi but he played a different character from the one I saw before. Further, he’s also charismatic but still couldn’t shed off his cute and adorable face. I’m sure that you’ll be impressed by his acting in the series and would want to check out more of his projects. I have also seen him in Forget Me Not which is a movie where he showed his great potential being an actor. His character as Aoshima reminds me of Matsujun’s character in Gokusen.


He reminds me of JYJ’s Jaejoong in some angle especially his facial expressions. I have also seen him in Chihayafuru in which he looked awkward and by means is different to his role as Ren in Aogeba. Moreover, I can guarantee that he is a greater and livelier actor in this series. Like Nijiro, you’ll be enticed by his good looks, and his face has a good registry onscreen. He is someone you should check out because I see his full potential as an actor in this drama.

Akira Terao

His role as Hikuma has made the impact in the drama which was very effective. I felt that this role was made for him. Besides, I haven’t seen his previous dramas before so all I could see is Hikuma in him. If I were to put his acting and character in one word, that would be: heartfelt. He exudes that aura of a one great mentor.

As a music lover, I am very proud of the journey of the characters. The ending may be open-ended but still, it gives us comfort as we face the great unknown. The music they created together was made of dedication, like how the drama excelled in portraying their roles and in bringing the right emotion for the scenes.

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