Friday, December 27, 2013

Cool Kiz on the Block (4 Parts of Basketball)

Hey guys! So I'm here again sharing with you the only variety show that I religiously look forward to every week, it's Cool Kiz on the Block basketball episodes. In here, we would see their improvement as they go through tremendous training and gain more experiences from other teams. I must say that I wouldn't want to let go of this set of people now because I am attached to their chemistry and teamwork. I hope they could keep this set of talents for the upcoming sports to be featured. Though I know that the main stays would only be Hodong, Changmin and John Park. I'm also sad with the recent controversy that Lee Su Geun is facing that led him to suspension. Nonetheless, everything is still as fun as the previous 3 episodes which I knew you would enjoy a lot too. So if you are looking for a variety show to watch, I recommend this show.

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 - Training with Student Basket

Taiwanese - Chinese Movie Review: "A Moment of Love" / "Season of Love"

Release Date: August, 2013

Vic Zhou - Xiu Nian Zu
Liu Shishi - Jing Ya Qing

In a nutshell: Self discovery brought by the course of traveling with a stranger. This drama is about love in many forms, and that includes finding meaning to what self love is about.

Synopsis: Xiu Nian Zu (Vic Zhou) traveled to China from Taiwan to find an old lady named Ya Qing. His purpose was to deliver a compilation of letters written to her by an old lover, his grandpa who passed away - with whom he wanted his last thoughts through his letters be fulfilled. However, she moved from place to place. Fortunately, he met a lady by chance with a similar name, Jing A Qing to help him find her. She (Liu Shi Shi) is a writer of a magazine publication who happens to be engaged to her fiancé; however due to a request by a friend, she volunteered to do the work and write a feature of a story through going on a travel. This coincidence gave her an opportunity to write a good feature so she offered to help Xian Zu find the old lady Jing A Qing. By chance of destiny - perhaps that was too much of coincidence though, it's a once in a lifetime journey of life that they shouldn't miss.

Commentaries: The story is cliche and a familiar plot to a romantic movie. But I think that this film has something special and different to offer the audience. The cinematography played a bigger role than the story to be effective I must say and I believe that it was amazing. Moreover, the acting was spot on and a good blend with emotion, there wasn't any dramatic background music either. There was the raw feelings playing its own role in the movie. That aspect was very touching and at the same time, made it very authentic.

Moving on to the other inspiration brought to me by the movie is the self discovery in the experience of traveling, which is an enrichment and finding a portion of one's self. What is there that is also important as the beautiful scenery? Of course, the emphasis of nature is the best while the introduction of a new culture to study is another awesome treat to indulge with. Other than what is expected from the movie, I thought that everything is refreshing and I really appreciate the breath taking view it offers.

Overall, the movie lingered into me and I had so much to learn about from watching, apart from the fun it gives. Is it a movie that I would dare to recommend? Of course! I think this is worth it, it's not unpredictable but the impact on someone is explosive in my opinion.

On the actors, I've known Vic for more than a decade already and I still see the younger version of him while watching, but he has improved immensely. He still has that charming aura that never fails to make my heart flutter. On the other hand, Liu Shi Shi who is a very popular Chinese actress but is not familiar to me. I really love the way she carried herself though. I love her, all in all. She has left a very good and long lasting impression on me and I would love to see it as a foundation to more of her projects that I will be seeing in the future.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

'Let's Eat' Episode 2 - 3

In conclusion, I have this and 'In A Good Way' as dramas to watch this season. It's a painful pleasure to wait every week for both to be aired. However, the advantage is that it gives me a leeway for enjoyment as there is no pressure to watch two episodes which pretty much is a work and in some cases, boring. I think that I was lucky to find these two shows because 1st, I am going hardcore with 'In A Good Way' but of course I needed something that is simple and easy to enjoy to not let myself go crazy about a single drama. You'll understand it in the context of entertainment, this show only runs for 45 minutes and aside from that, I feel like this is an appetizer to the food I eat. No pressure, it only boils passion with food.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"In A Good Way" Episode 5

love this episode! It portrayed Liu Chuan's complexity as a human being - which is the opposite of him whom we've seen in previous episodes that is almost a perfect image of an idol - which is too good to be true to even exist. Whereas for Jia En, it showed her lack of emotional growth and her need to learn the basic survival tips in life. That isn't a bad thing for we understand the level of maturity she has. She is someone who can be influenced by friends yet wanting to achieve independence to herself at the same time. 

When she failed the audition, she tried to shrug off her loss in front of everyone who went to cheer for her but in the end, letting Liu Chuan to be the shock absorber of her frustrations. Later on, we see these two patch things up between them however, bad moods won't go well with bad timing. Hence, awkwardness all over their body language. Nonetheless, Liu Chuan still helped Jia En in her practicals of jitterbug wherein they performed a self satisfying dance - flashing Jia En's bright smile and in return Liu Chuan's smitten eyes.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Why are there no recent posts of Reply 1994 and Heirs?

Readers of this blog would probably be familiar with my enthusiasm in sharing my thoughts with both dramas but since I have not found my courage to continue talking about them, I don't think I could be doing the same thing as I did before. So why am I here? Perhaps to explain myself which I don't usually do and give everyone a reason why it might take a while before I finish watching these two series.

Heirs is a good fluff I must say but other than that, everything is forgettable. You only get to enjoy it the moment you are watching but when it is not, there's not much substance to remember. So I finished episode 18 a week ago and I have yet to continue the finale maybe because I now have an idea of the ending (even though everyone has already predicted it from the start) and second, there is a thin line between not wanting to let go of it and just leaving everything like Heirs never happened. Though that would be so harsh to talk about. So yeah, maybe after I finish this, I would be ready for the review. Expect nothing much from it though as you may have known, majority of the things I write is driven by passion. And for Heirs, I'm drained to analyze everything as there wouldn't be much to think about based on the storyline.

"In A Good Way" Episode 4

This is by far the sweetest episode to date but what I mean by sweet is only an appetizer to the development of the characters involved in the story. In this episode, we can clearly see that Liu Chuan is in a state of adornment with Jia En, however reluctant to let the world know. Nonetheless his eyes speak the truth through the gazes he's thrown at her and his pleasant silences and awkwardness around her totally sends me the assurance, our boy is having a crush (or maybe in love). Oh my goodness, it's cheesy to read these words but I promise, the pacing of attraction on the part of Liu Chuan is gradual and oh so interesting in itself. To be honest, more than seeing him like that around Jia En, it's cute when you see an equally adorable guy figure out his feelings for the opposite sex. I don't know, I'm enjoying the push and pull of strings between Jia En and Liu Chuan. So to continue with episode 4, they were separated for a year after Liu Chuan was once involved as Jia En's personal tutor. That means a year or less of no communication. However, they met again of course (surprise, but not surprising) and it's an oh so precious moment for both so let's take a look at some of the sweet and memorable moments between the two and also with the other cast members.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

2013: Top 3 Picks (Personal Favorites)

What a year of dramas for me. This is the first time in years to officially seal my obsession with watching dramas through this blog - where I can write my insights about few of the Korean and Japanese dramas I've watched over the years, and of course the current dramas I've devoted my time with this year. As we are approaching the end of 2013, I realized that I have to make a year in review of my favorites, apart from the previous official long talks I've made about them. So, now I'm here to share with you my top favorites from this year hoping to share my experience of watching them to everyone.

1. Heartless City: Review

Safe to say that this is first to be mentioned without thinking much of what to talk about first. So why Heartless City? Maybe because it was my first time this year to officially got hook with a character and unexpectedly, I saw myself watching a noir series which is pretty much not my type of drama nor have I witnessed myself watching one. I think, Heartless City, upon reading its synopsis and multiple descriptions from different blogs would still leave a great doubt of its ability to catch interest among the followers. There is still a need for emphasis that, how ever you find it impossible getting into it because you are not a fan of the plot and simply because this is not your type of drama, I think that when you get yourself pass episode 1 or 2, the interest will finally kick in as I can totally relate. To my curiosity about this drama, I couldn't care of what to take place at first and I can't concentrate on the events in episode 1, perhaps I just wanted to get over the episode and start the drama already.

The thing is that drama starts directly at episode 1, where keen attention is needed to be able to understand the coming episodes ahead, anyhow, of course you'd get to know more as you arrive to the story. But I will tell you that whether you are interested or not, for as long as there is curiosity in you, I assure that you will come to love it. Though, the process is where this drama has specialized its value.

Monday, December 9, 2013

In A Good Way Episode 3

Surprise Gift: Facebook

Aside from real life, I am currently living tangled in the story of this drama. Yes, you heard the ridiculous and straight forward confession of mine (giddy). Perhaps, I am loving the nostalgia it gives me as I find joys in going back in time reminiscing the old days. Well, since it has occurred to me now, I know that there is no turning back. I have been charmed by its potion which is of inducing, realistic, engaging, fun, and lovely story about friendship, young love, family and freedom. So let’s get started with episode 3!

Episode 3 is much less busier than episode 2 as they focused on the competition raised between the three musketeers and iron men (men of steal) which was an appalling thing to do among matured people but not when we realize that we have college freshmen in the here considering the character of young people who want to challenge each other. So this is normal in the process of growth in college, right? So, I think it’s a cliché thing to happen and such but at the same time, I love how creative they are in execution and in putting value on it in the end. They made use of bikes instead of motorcycles because in their era, mountain biking is more popular, which pretty much showed the strength of Liu Chuan and Ren Wei in pushing the pedal to win, and on the other hand, describing their generation from 1995.

With the match that happened, I was rooting for the Three Musketeers led by Liu Chuan over the Iron Men (Men of Steal) because Ren Wei has the tendency to be an airhead most of the time and he talks beyond of what is expected of him to do. However, who would have thought that this competition will lead to the kind gesture by the winning team to the losing one as they volunteered to help the Iron Men (Men of Steal) guys in doing the laundry of the kids from dorm 1 as promised after losing the match? So cool.

Friday, December 6, 2013

"In A Good Way" Episode 2

I’m back with In A Good Way and excited to share it with you. I think that this will probably be one of those random posts that I will be having because I really enjoy talking about this drama this way. To me, it is refreshing that I am into a raving parade for it because of so many factors, just like what episode 2 given me while watching which you will know later on. I loved to pause a lot during this episode and just absorb the ‘feels’ because I can’t let the moment pass by just easily.  Spare the incoherence please. (Grin)

I guess, my review on episode 2 would be provoked by thoughts of why this drama is well-written and executed, and why it has been a while since I felt this kind of passion in sharing the joys of watching with everyone. Hope that after reading this, you watch this drama definitely.

Monday, December 2, 2013

First Impression: In A Good Way (Taiwanese Drama)

It's been a long time since I attempted to watch a Taiwanese drama after Autumn's Concerto since I think I already forgot the pleasure it brings me as I was too pre-occupied watching so many Korean dramas as well as Japanese. So, now that I have a chance to rekindle my love and appreciation for this kind of genre once again, I am truly embracing this opportunity given to me by this series with an open heart. 

I am crossing my fingers that it will do well. Please... And one reasons for the well wish is the very impressive and touching start or impression it has given me. It was not overwhelming yet full of good stuff. Definitely, I can claim to myself that it was a worthwhile one as I have waited unconsciously then bam pleasant surprise! And it's Taiwanese which is a breath of fresh air, anyone? They can go up par to producing such as well. Hope they stay the same and if not to maintain their good start, exceed my expectations on the next episodes. (Fistpump)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

First Impression: Let's Eat Episode 1

Hmm, let me see? This show totally captured my attention first with food however, I was kind of hesitant to start yet excited because I might have bad cravings that I won't be able to satisfy. And that exactly is one of the worst things that could happen to me. I don't want myself to be frustrated over that fact however, yadda yadda I tried tasting the flavor of this series and I am totally in. The story is bias towards their main objective which is to highlight food, more food and the elements that would spice up everything. I am not complaining though.

So I started watching this show with the knowledge of how surprisingly good it was as I have heard from k-netizens. Oh well, I believe in them so I was tagged along with their expectation. Regarding with the casts, this is my first time seeing Yoon Do Joon act in a drama and he's the only one I'm familiar with in there. So what have I expected from him? Not much but probably it was sort of refreshing to know that he has built an impressive debut to most of the viewers through his character Koo Dae Young which is still not clear to me about his being. He came off as a weirdo, messy and disorganized. In other words, he's a random guy with a talent in eating on-the-go foods though I mean, he must have a real great appetite to be able to satisfy himself with it. Going back to him being an actor, I know that this is perhaps his second project as an actor after IRIS II which I didn't bother watching because of the unfavorable opinion of netizens. Anyway, I just have to mention it because there were no special regard for Doo Joon's acting when it aired. So, I feel the need to emphasize that I didn't have the background to start with in him in that aspect. Fortunately, I am kind of nodding my head. My favorite scene was when he talked about the difference in jajangmyun that kind of freaked the lady in front oh him. Hah.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Reaction Post: Reply 1994 Episodes 9 - 11

Episode 9: Na Jung confessed to Oppa-ya about her feelings towards him which was on the day of the first snow in Seoul early in the morning. But then Na Jung was too scared to listen to Trash that she didn’t let him speak after to hear his response. She only succumb to him in embarrassment of what she did, but hey. I can’t believe that Na Jung had mustered her courage to confess to him in his room after waking him up, at least she got balls. I don’t understand Trash for being such a coward towards his feelings for her like it is obvious already but why did he ever let Na Jung confess first? Isn’t that un-gentleman-like? Well, to me at least. Though I hate more to see Oppa-ya in pain after seeing Na Jung be that way, like dude, how are we able to deal with you when what we from your eyes is totally different of what you are doing in the moment. I am so disappointed that you have kept your silence until now. I want to see your point of view, as well.

I believe that it was in this episode that everyone switched their ship to Chilbong not only because he’s better looking (which is obvious but I don’t care about their appearances in relation to the matters of true love) but also she’s treated Na Jung better than Trash. Though I stand firm in Team Oppa, I am kind of wavering with what’s in the mind of the writer. She might have formulated these tricks before or may have foreseen that this will work to create doubts but then again, the audience participation with whom to root for might possibly give way for a change of heart. No, it would bring me so much heartache if that will happen because Oppa-ya is the first love. Other than that, what is there to root for in him? He must get out of the way and prove himself deserving of Na Jung.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Reaction Post: The Heirs Episodes 11 - 14

Well I would have to speak of the four episodes as a whole and I think I wouldn't even be able to backtrack all of my favorite moments. So basically this is just a wrap up of how satisfying it has been for the past few weeks which I was originally doubtful of in this drama because you know, its history of wasted moments and dull beginnings. Cue "Love is the moment". /cringe

Moving on. Well, the Heirs in general is not the best to be categorized as a great drama, but because they do have actors who are capable in delivering their roles, I'm glad for that cause. And as I move on from the previous bitterness I had, I accept how it is now and they are excelling a lot, at least on the aspect of putting the pieces together as compared to their here and there happenings in previous episodes. The character development is finally taking place as we have passed the middle mark before it ends (which I still refuse to talk about because that would cause a major withdrawal as early as now). So I would have to talk about the characters and their progress in the story rather than the moments for now.

So starting with Kim Tan, we have started to see him as a spoiled brat, but the good things about him are still dominant despite of being a bully at school as perceived and witnessed by the students. Now that we have seen him grow, we could sense that he's developed responsibility in his actions not only for his own but also for the people whom he cares like his family, Cha Eun Sang as well as his extended environment of his which is the school and most importantly *ehem* Choi Young Do *ehem*. Anyway, the gradual open up of one's true self may be hard at first because who would have thought that he's a sweet guy to everyone? He connects well with Hyo Shin sunbae and he's a constant follower of his Hyung, Won. There are a lot of reasons for us to be attracted with Kim Tan as much as character development is concerned. Adding to that, he's only 18 yet he is thinking maturely and is always making sure that others would feel more secured than his own self. Those are really good points to note from him.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cool Kiz on The Block - Basketball (3 Parts)

Heeeey! :)

It's been a while since I watched cool kiz and the last time I remember is the final match of the badminton team  that eventually separated after two months of being together. So sad, yes. Plus I became busy after it ended. The time went by so fast that I could only skip myself from watching the show. Now that I have spare time to watch, I decided to since everyone has been recommending the basketball episodes and I've been hearing so much of how fun it is so I gave it a try. 

Look now, I'm happy because I made the right decision to watch. So I encourage you to watch these episodes as well because they are as thrilling and hilarious as the badminton episodes plus we have here gorgeous people to ogle as a bonus to their skills. It is pleasant and exciting that they chose guests who have the basic skills, interest and physical ability to compete with professionals hence, it's easier or a bit lighter to watch their hard work unlike the members that composed the badminton team which were engaged to learn, it was such a terrible yet satisfying experience for them because they worked so hard for two months yet they never won against their opponents so I think that this is where "fun" is inserted for these episodes, they really do have great chances. Aside from that, we also witness the gradual improvement of Kang Ho Dong, Lee Su Geun, Changmin and John Park who are the novice ones with their skills. Psssh. They complain though that it's still really hard. Lol. Anyhow, I'm happy with the additions to the team like Ji Suk, Julien Kang, Coach Woo, JYP, Hye Jeong who's the only girl in the team as well as the older coach who seems to be a good motivator to everyone.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fan Account and Fancams: Infinite One Great Step Live in Manila

My friends and I (the three of us) went to Infinite's concert in November 3, 2013 at Araneta Coliseum here in Manila without buying the tickets prior to the concert so we went there semi prepared, long story but to cut it short, we got robbed off our money by Araneta Coliseum. However, the concert was worth it so everything's good and forgiven but still, we feel cheated somehow because we bought upper box b center which costed around P2500 ($60) but we were seated at the back which was suppose to be for the regular ones that is the cheapest ticket of the concert.

Infinite, I would have to admit myself that I'm not familiar with them at first and I only knew some of their songs, maybe half of what they have sung. Moreover, I knew that they are fairly good with live performances so I already had an idea of the quality of the concert that I am going to attend and at least, they have established a decent impression on me for the first few months of getting to know them. Meanwhile my friend is the one who's really a fan of theirs. Her happiness must have doubled compared to us two. LOL.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review: Can We Get Married?

In a Nutshell: It's about a couple (Hae Yeon and Jong Hun) which life is about to change due to impending marriage. However, the involvement of their family most especially their mothers who are major influences in their lives has affected the process of their engagement contributing to the problems between the two. Would they be able to get through this test or not?

Halftime Report: Here


I liked this drama lot from the beginning because I thought that the spontaneous script and the reality it brings to all couples were illustrated through the atmosphere and the environment. Well, I still actually liked the whole concept of in-laws and the inclusive element of the love stories as well as marriage problems brought about by some circumstances. However, there are instances wherein I've felt kind of irritated to the excessive complaints and/or demands of these two mothers involved whose role are major to their children. Nonetheless, I still appreciate their concern and somewhere along the way, I had a gist of where they are coming from and despite of it happening in the war zone, it shouldn't affect much of the relationship between Hae Yeon and Jong Hun. The problem should still be dealt with by the couple themselves proving on how much they want to be together.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Noted: Reply 1994 Episodes 6 - 8

Episode 6 - Up until this episode, I am convinced that Trash oppa is the husband of Na Jung. That particular scene wherein Chilbong kissed Na Jung during the dare which purpose was for Samcheonpo and Yoon Jin to make peace with each other, Trash oppa was the only person who witnessed and stared at the moment, I felt his jealousy so I thought, despite of that scene, there's a big hope to my OTP (one true paring).

Plus, what is this Bingirae crushing on Trash? Gosh this is a major gossip going on but not surprising at all. They even kissed during the dare. LOL. He's so cute because it's all obvious now but of course he can't let him know yet. Reminds me of Hoya's character in Reply 1997 which I adored so much.

The ending of this episode was a heart warming one as everyone gathered in the living room to watch the 1994 Semi Final bid of South Korea in the World Cup. Added to the scene was the tenderness of the kids to Na Jung's mom after stressing her out the past few days prior to the good news. Despite everything, mom and dad are blessed to have a baby again which made everybody excited and sweet to her.

Trash oppa being affectionate to Bingirae. Hehe.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Heirs: Episode 7 - 10

Well, contrary from the previous episodes which I may consider frustrating and a waste, I thought that for these episodes that I will be talking about, Heirs definitely stepped up their game. I'm really glad to see the progress of the story because all the reasons that was building up in me to hate the drama are somewhat decreased. I didn't expect much because if you would refer to my previous reaction post, Heirs didn't deliver aside from Kim Woo Bin and Lee Min Ho but actually there were a lot of robbed scenes from Kim Woo Bin in the past because of the unnecessary drama. Fortunately, they were able to turn the table a hundred eighty degrees this time around. So let's see the pointers that switched my fangirl moments on.

Episode 7-8: They didn’t highlight the conflict in the household while they focused more on substance – what I was truly looking forward. I remember anticipating this series a lot without knowing how big is the involvement of the seniors or the older people but it happened to be that they were so involved with the matter of their children – which disappointed me because they steal the spotlight and all but for episode 7 & 8, they started to cut off their scenes to give way for more on what I have been excited about, the three main characters: Cha Eun Sang, Kim Tan and Choi Young Do. I'm ecstatic because despite of seeing them a lot in the past dramas which they were a part of, the chemistry is finally stirring up for Kim Tan and Eun Sang, and Kim Tan and Young Do. Yes, I am totally in for the bromance that partakes between these two men despite of them always growling at each other. But the biggest turning point would have to be, I see Eun Sang in a different light now because she's being sandwiched by two gorgeous men who are both expressive in their interest to her. 

The two actors are agreeable on make believe and I just love the full shot of their facial expressions every single time. Sorry for sounding so superficial but I guess, I can’t help it because we get Woo Bin as the charming second lead here and Lee Min Ho is challenged by his presence. Finally, they are now heading to the right direction for this series. I’m happy. Nonetheless, I still cringe at the mention that they are high school students and are teens. Gosh, I don’t think I can forgive them for doing that to me. Well, I will just embrace that obvious lie because you are entertaining.

Favorite Scene:

Hyo Shin (Kang Ha Neul) sunbae sniffing through his tutor Hyun Joo's (Im Ju Eun) mouth to smell her breath that suggest she ate ramyun for dinner, even though he actually seen him in the convenience store eating. Kyaa~ this particular scene gave me so much feels with so much pleasure that I had hangover with. It’s the first time that I appreciated Kang Ha Neul a lot. He’s such a flower boy, isn’t he? Plus that move he’s made was so fluffy and all, so I was really squealing my heart out when it happened. Kya~ I am totally shipping these two despite of her and Won’s (Kim Tan’s hyung Choi Jin Hyuk) prior romantic relationship.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Review: Gokusen

It has been 7-8 years since the last time I watched this drama and it's one of those that influenced me when I was just starting my interest to J-doramas. But then just recently, I decided to re-watch the series for a random reason that I wanted to relive the moment from the last time I’ve had. I’m glad I did because I can properly make a review about it.

Synopsis: The story is about a high school teacher, Yamaguchi Kumiko or Yankumi (Nakama Yukie), a tough and a diligent educator to her students who's more involved with the matters of life than in the academic purposes. Her background as the fourth generation heir of the Ooedo Family, a group of Yakuza molded her to become who she is in character. However, aside from becoming the next leader of the clan, she also wanted to fulfill her calling which is to become a teacher to change the lives the students of Shirokin High. This is where she entwined fate with the 3D class which is well known as magnets to a lot of troubles.

Theme Song: Let’s play V6’s ‘Feel Your Breeze’ – I just rekindled my love for this song, as it rings in my head these days.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Review: Secretly Greatly

Expectation: I'm not the biggest anticipator of the movie but upon hearing so many good reviews about it; this film starring Kim Soo Hyun has built my confidence in watching. Basically, I expected it to be awesome, thus; they have a huge responsibility to fulfill at least to me as a viewer.

In a nutshell: It's about a North Korean soldier, Won Ryu Han (Kim Soo Hyun) who was sent to South Korea to be a spy in disguise of an idiot (Dong Gu). Together with him are his comrades, Lee Hae Rang (Park Ki Woong) and Ri Hae Jin (LeeHyun Woo) who were sent later to prove their nationalistic attribute as soldiers.

Commentaries: The beginning of the movie was really interesting and that immediately drew me into watching. But then, I realized that I need to look through the movie as a whole because in totality, we need to grasp the essence of its details. So starting with the aim or objective of it, I think that this entails a very thorough reasoning as to why they want to create a story in a way that the soldiers' dignity as people are involved. Through that, we will understand better the core of their character that we have laid eyes on. For me, in the aspect of bringing things into light for the characters, they sort of lacked in it. To explain myself, for this kind of movie which I anticipated, I wanted to see how much the soldiers are motivated to execute the intructions to them in the story like for example, what is worth fighting for aside from your country's pride? Furthermore, I expected lesser contradicting events than they actually have. Well, it saddened me a bit because I lived up to a more polished writing than they delivered. Regardless of that, I think that they can do more than what they have shown so for a film that hit the box office, I wanted more depth. I knew that love for country is a kind of feeling that is significant for a soldier but why do the story has to send traitors to persecute their own men? I thought that it was a bit off as a patriot.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

First Impression: Reply 1994

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Expectation: Upon the mention of Go Ara starring, I became scared of the outcome whether it would be satisfactory or a complete letdown from the previous offering. Furthermore, I don't think this would live up to Reply Me 1997. So this drama is off to a negative impression for me. "But who cares?" whispered this show.

Episode 1: Is that Go Ara I'm seeing because first of all, I can't believe how much she's transformed from her looks, and down to the acting department. Wow I can't believe she could deliver those lines naturally. Well, she's still not the best actress for me but if I don't associate her from her other works, I think I could look at her on a different perspective so I wouldn't be this surprised with a bit of amusement. Lol. But yeah, she's improved or pretty much has worked hard for it. So I really appreciate her transformation.

Boy, this drama didn't fail me with cinematography which reminds me that it's the same set of crew that has worked in Reply 1997. They are as expert, or have even improved than the last time. I love the inserts of the city view during the beginning of the episode which exactly made me giddy I could jump up and down my seat. Grin.

Then of course I'm introduced to new faces that I would learn more in character as the show goes by. And my most anticipated character is 'Oppa' (Jung Woo) because he's so funny but more than anything, 'Who is he and why is he a good actor? Have I missed anything brilliant in the past that I'm only seeing him now?"

Well, he's not the best looking guy from the group but he has the appeal, you know. And he's hilarious as well so who wouldn't fall for him? Too bad, he's an oppa. He can't possibly be the husband, right?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Reaction Post: The Heirs Episodes 3 - 6

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Episode 3: I've expected way better than it was but I've forgiven them for its shortcomings because it's still too early to judge. One thing I noticed though - they are extending the family problem way too much that it has already become a melodrama  I'm complaining, more than you could imagine.

Episode 4: I'm throwing tantrums already but as you can see, I'm watching it for the sake of giving this drama multiple chances to redeem itself from the humiliation of the cringe worthy moments which they are full of. I assume, the oldies were paid higher than the kids because they have occupied the screen time longer than our high schoolers. They are way too overrated for the task, wish they hired non-existent dramatic parents and they would cut the irrelevant scenes off. In other words, cut the drama off if you can't execute it well.

Awkward scenes are excessive and the transition is all over the place.

Episode 5: Thank goodness Lee Min Ho never age with acting. He's still fresh and in character despite of the element of eccentric value of him and Park Shin Hye in this show. I just remembered how amazing he is to be in character always, and in return the character of Kim Tan fits him well. In contrary, Park Shin Hye has become so dull in my eyes that I'm not disrespecting her skills but I'm having issues with her character. I think, Cha Eun Sang is the most un-character-like for Park Shin Hye. I love the actress, I question the character. Seriously? As much as Eun Sang is complaining of her situation, double that for me. I just cannot handle it all at once. The drama is sacrificing the image of hers to fit in to what the drama or the writer wanted. They should have studied Cha Eun Sang as a character thoroughly, and the actress living that character instead of what not. I am in dismay with everything she's getting. Why does she has to submit to what you order her to do? It would be easier to dictate a robot than a person you know. Give the girl a break, she won't possibly deliver without the help of the much needed extra effort of the writer, stylist and the editing staff. Same thing goes with every actor in the series.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

First Impression: Medical Top Team

Expectation: Kwon Sang Woo, Jung Ryeo Won, Joo Ji Hoon, and Choi Min Ho (SHINee) joining this league of awesome casts. Aside from them, I didn’t know much about the story other than the expected that is to set place most probably amongst medical professionals and all that kind of environment. I’m not sure about the writers or the production team of this drama as well, so there’s nothing that is helping me or to give me confidence of what to anticipate regarding that aspect. I didn’t even thought of watching this, at first but because I wanted to take a risk, probably because The Heirs is taking over the kdrama-verse now where the expectation is above the clouds, I needed a setback from all the hype. In other words, I needed you to be classy and to stand out.

In all fairness to Heirs though, I don’t even expect a quality story from them, all I want is for the actors to deliver and them to provide me entertainment. Hee :D

So, what was it all about? I’m curious as well.

First Impression: Boy, I thought the cinematography in Heirs was glorious already but upon seeing this one, I would have to give it to them. Well, I loved how rich they are with colors which I never expected, and blame it to my assumption that this will go through the serious tone and manner. The camera angles are sharp and I was really impressed at how they are able to sensationalize the scenes shot on the operating room. I knew that they are a bit of an exaggerated illustration though because in real life, we don’t get to hear doctors voicing their genius mind before an operation and all that kind of act. Most of the time, they are just relaxing and even playing music while the operation is going on. It may not look realistic to me, but boy I am impressed by the camera work and the editing of the finished product. Oh and by the way, in appreciation to the actors as well, Joo Ji Hoon has not forgotten his skills I could cry. He’s still part of this industry as I felt and as proved by his comeback on the small screen.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

First Impression: The Heirs

Watch Online!

Expectation: I didn't expect a lot to make space for disappointment if there would be any. However, I had high hopes that it will deliver just enough to keep me looking forward. Since I took a peek at some of the filmed scenes in LA and I would have to thank those who took fancams of them, I already had an idea of what were going to take place right in their location but of course the sequence of events and the script are the things that I would have to watch. As I observed the atmosphere, I wasn't impressed of the casual outfits of our leads during the film, hence I found myself a bit unconvinced with the style that they were sporting in California. BUT I understood in the end, really because they focused on filming the scenes that comprises surfing, Park Shin Hye crying and Lee Min Ho being topless while taking a shower by the beach. So if we were to call them spoilers, I have known them beforehand. Adding to that, I've seen a 14 minute long preview of it and unfortunately, it didn't make a good impression on me and it made me build my doubts in the series. Regardless of all these things, I was excited because finally, this much awaited series is now available so let's take a look at what they got.

Episode 1: The sequence was a bit here and there but the biggest problem that this drama would have to face is that on how to give everybody (the actors and idols) who were part in the snapshot of character, that much deserved airtime without compromising the story. I'm almost familiar with half of that faces that appeared so far but it took me a while to tell myself that it is too much to handle. Seriously. It might even cause complaints from each and everyone's fanbases if in case that one character would be left unleashed fully. Though, I am still awestruck at the thought of how they were able to convince these people to join in the club. I mean, I myself didn't even had enough of Lee Min Ho but then I wanted more of Woo Bin, Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Hyung Shik and Min Hyuk as well. So woah, how do we squeeze in everyone in a composite screen so that there would be less headache of their exposure? I was even complaining already because Hyuk Shik didn't make an appearance for this episode and that means, I would have to ready myself to a higher probability of not having enough of him in this drama. Well, I came prepared but I'm a hopeful individual by nature so join me in crossing my fingers and in sending my well wishes to the writer and in the production team to make our impossible dream possible. Let everybody be satisfied and happy, I beg you.

Review: Petal Dance

In a Nutshell: A soul searching journey of four friends but not quite which was set through traveling in the direction of where the wind is headed.

Summary: The story started with
Haraki (Shiori Kutsuna) as a university student who has a part time job and whose character was mostly comprehended by its background. The first scene was with a boyfriend namely Kawada (Shunsuke Kazama), whom along the way didn't have much significance in the story. They also showed the side of her life with her job and few noticeable interactions to a co-worker, a senior (Mariko Goto) who eventually bid goodbye after the boutique where they both worked with closed down. However, the most relevant event that inspired her soul searching is when she developed her curiosity towards the whereabouts of an old friend who suddenly disappeared without prior notice, as she learned that all along, the friend attempted to commit suicide. Hence, she wanted to know what compelled her to hurt herself and she wanted to meet her again whether or not she's alive.

The next introduction is with Motoko (
Sakura Ando) who's first scene was through the reunion with an ex-husband Naoto (Masanobu Ando) – and  she asked him to lend them a car to borrow for a trip together with her friend Jinko to visit Miki (Kazue Fukiishi), a classmate from the university who was admitted in rehabilitation because of attempted suicide.

In Haraki’s decision to search for Kyoko (Hanae Kan), she happened to meet Jinko (
Aoi Miyazaki) in a library where she borrowed a book on the topic of suicide. Then they came across each other again at the train station. However, Haraki was misunderstood by Jinko when she saw her swaying from back to front repeatedly like that of the starting position for a jump. Thus, thinking of what she might do to herself, she ran up to her and dragged her to the ground to stop her. Because of the event, Jinko injured her fingers and in return, as apologetic as she felt towards Jinko, Haraki accompanied her to the clinic. After that, they exchanged some friendly words while during the conversation, they talked about where are going after. Jinko mentioned about meeting a friend, borrowing a car, and not close to necessary, they needed a driver. After a moment, Haraki volunteered herself because she has so much free time in her hands.

This is where the trip of them together started. They traveled by land, with the objective to meet a friend whom Motoko and Jinko both knew from the university. Both are casually talking about her, saying things like they would never know what to say to make her feel better or to make the situation easier for her to manage. Following these ideas, they are also troubled by thoughts of what could have been done to prevent this moment from happening. Meanwhile, Haraki was driving and consciously listening to the conversation between the two while she has the thought of her friend in her mind. While on the road, the concept of the wind appeared in the conversation, and Haraki could somewhat relate to what the two are feeling because of too much familiarity with the situation. However, she didn't relate her situation to them. There she remembered a moment wherein Kyoko shared to Haraki that when you wish for something and let the wind carry it to its direction, it will come true. Hence, the same thought processes are unconsciously occurring amongst them.

Arriving to the place, they met Miki after so long. The moment was a mixed feeling of awkwardness and longing for one another. Anyhow, they realized that they must create something out of the position they are into. This included Miki bringing them to the places where she'd want them to be with. Then the next day, they exactly did what was planned.

I think that from this moment on, it would be better to anticipate of what's going to happen afterwards.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review: South Bound (2013)

Rating: Highly Recommended

South Bound is a Korean adaptation to a novel originally written by the Japanese author, Hideo Okuda. In Japan, the said novel was also published through a film with the same title that was released in 2007.

Synopsis: It is about a film director whose works are inspired by his nature to question what the society dictates. For this reason, it provides him the concept of indifference from everything that is being sold by the media and the society to him. Through his own beliefs and efforts, he chose to live in Deul Island that was passed on to him by his ancestors. The said island serves as a prospect for economic growth and development to some politicians by building hotel and resort at the vicinity. However, as determined as Choi Hae-Kab (Kim Yun-Seok) is to fight for his ownership in the said island, he put all of his power and strength to protect the natural habitat of the people living in the area.


I came across this movie in an accident and I was so happy, almost felt like finding a treasure without even hunting for it. Anyway, this film has uplifted my day in so many ways that later on, I will try to enumerate them. As you know, I'm not a picky watcher, so for as long as you've something interesting and new to offer, you've got high potential for my liking. I was really glad, I made it to this movie.

The movie is inspirational and insightful, most especially to me who has a very different take on everything that happens in my day to day life: from the moment I wake up till the time I say my prayers in my sleep. So in between these moments, there are handful of events that occur: some are happy and some are sad. And sometimes, when we focus on the things that are out of our own perspectives, we lose sight of our individual judgment. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Review: Psychic

In a Nutshell: A science fiction drama about two extraordinary individuals. One  is characterized by the power to manipulate others through his monster-like eyeballs while the other has the ability to counteract such beguiling power through his mind.


I watched this movie starring Go Soo and Kang Dong Won to familiar myself more on their works. Both are promising and established actors in Korea that makes this movie deserving to be watched by everyone most especially to someone like myself who's into kdramas. I thought that the genre was interesting as well to be seen so when I came across the opportunity of watching it, I grabbed it with full of anticipation.

The movie caught my attention at this line: "It's not my fault to be born like this. The fact that I'm different from others, you people will never understand. I, too, do not wish to mingle amongst you" which defined Kang Dong Won's character in the film. Aside from that, the mystery surrounding his birth really was the topic I was looking forward to be answered.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Review: Rich Man, Poor Woman

In a Nutshell:

A rom-com series that is poised to tackle the more important issues in the story such as the friendship between two individuals who are both inclined of the same interest in the business world. This humanistic drama will take us a ride of emotion through the good memories and bad times.


The story was a pleasant surprise. It's because the title is deceiving me of what I should expect from it though it was expected from j-doramas already that they would never fail to exceed assumptions. I finished the series proudly for 3 days while I'm busy. It's a big thing for me since I've always felt productive after finishing a drama that I was curious about but never really got me interested until 3 days ago.

This drama is a heartfelt story of friendship. But if you are looking forward to the romantic side of the story, then you will not be deprived of it either. As for me, I was satisfied in both aspects.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Halftime Report: Can We Get Married?


It’s a story about a couple who’s been together for three years and now, they have thought of marriage as the next chapter of their relationship. However, there are a lot of preparations that couples have to go through which is why the title leaves you with a question mark in the end. Those hardships include the stress of introducing your family to each other in order to get used with life of being part of each other’s family. In this case, Hye Yeon and Jong Hoon is just a normal couple who went through a lot of ups and downs in their relationship that served as a test to their love. Now, since we know that we have to consider a lot of things before the day of the wedding, can we expect a happy ending for them? Most especially that in the story, their family has the key influence in their lives and most especially, in their marriage.


I am starting to really appreciate Cable dramas more than ever. Nope. Scratch that, ever since I saw Reply Me 1997, I thought that it was the beginning of things changing in favor of cable dramas in the context of producing and directing quality series.

Yeah, like what has been said, Cable dramas are painfully awesome that I come to a point wherein I have no interest or faith in dramas broadcasted by the three big TV stations in Korea like I used to, unless otherwise recommended by many and is approved by the general public through high ratings. But then, yes, I still have a long list of must-watch from them which I think are 3-5  years old as we speak. With regards to the current trend, cable dramas are damn amazing.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Kim Woo Bin - Seen him in A Gentleman's Dignity, School 2013 and currently crossing my fingers for The Heirs. He's tall, has an amazing appeal, very charismatic though he doesn't have the best face for a celebrity in my opinion. But I think that his best feature is not his appearance but his talent and passion for acting which are evident in his career.

Lee Soo Hyuk - He's more popular to me as G-Dragon's fashion inclined friend and I have not seen his dramas yet. But I heard he co-acted with Woo Bin and Hong Jong Hyun in Vampire Idol before and was casted along with Woo Bin again and Bang Sung Joon in White Christmas. Yep, I guess I need to check out his skills in acting in the near future (though I'm half doubtful about it).

Lee Jong Suk - I've seen him in Secret Garden, School 2013 and I Hear Your Voice. The first time I've seen him, I was already impressed but not to the point of worshiping him. After 3 years, things changed. I guess, I've finally developed feelings for him now that I've seen him closer as an actor and because I'm really into serious type of guys and I think Jong Suk fits rather well in that category. Oh btw, he has his cute side too. And the most important thing about him which I truly love is his smile. I take it as a ray of sunshine.

Bang Sung Joon - I've seen him in Shut Up Flower Boyband, Gu Family Book and Can We Get Married? Like Lee Jong Suk, I was impressed as well to him in Shut Up too but I wasn't really drawn to his charm, in other words it wasn't enough for me to even look back with his character. But now that I've seen him closer in Can We Get Married which is a drama I'm busy watching these days, I guess that it has built my interest to him more. I think that he's truly a dork in real life too with a really weird personality. I love the way he speaks when he's angry, he sounds truly pissed. Anyway, please do anticipate my review for Can We Get Married, it's really an interesting drama to watch.

Hong Jong Hyun - I've seen him in Dating Agency Cyrano and I wish to see more of his projects soon. He's that someone I thought would fit more to be Soo Young's love interest in the drama and I thought that though his acting was commendable, I needed a truly remarkable character of his that could pull me in to his fandom.

Kim Young Kwang - So far, I've seen him in Can We Get Married only. I really liked him as an actor but not his character which is difficult to read. I don't think I'd ever know how he truly feels any further than his cold personality. Anyway, I think that in the future I will see more of him because I learned that he's been casted in Good Doctor - that Joo Won and Moon Chae Won's drama that's currently airing in Korea. I'm just waiting for the right moment to watch it by the way.