Sunday, November 29, 2015

Review: Twenty Again

This romantic drama offering of tvN is probably one of my favorites this year because first of all, my expectations were met and the actors didn’t fail to deliver. Well, what do I expect from veterans like Choi Ji Woo as Ha No Ra, Lee Sang Yoon as Cha Hyun Suk and Choi Won Young as Kim Woo Chul? However, the rookie actors also excelled in their respective roles for instance, Kim Min Jae as Kim Min Soo and Son Na Eun as Oh Hye Mi where they played as a young couple. Basically it is a story of a relationship on the rocks which is due to the differences between a married couple, Ha No Ra and Kim Woo Chul. The backstory will show that they have failed to grow and to communicate because they eloped at a young age. One day, Ha No Ra decided to go back to school again full of hope to save the marriage with her husband, given the proper education and qualifications. Unexpectedly, she met a high school friend, Cha Hyun Suk wherein at first they showed angst towards each other. However, due to certain circumstances, Cha Hyun Suk will treat Ha No Ra to make her university life the best experience ever.