Sunday, May 25, 2014

SBS Variety Show: Roommate


I didn't expect my viewing habit to be loaded with plenty of currently airing shows from Korea and I feel a bit absorbed in watching them. So I came across this variety show since a lot of mentions about it has been made in my timeline. First, the familiar names Lee Dong Wook, Park Bom, Chan Yeol were tagged together and to me these are the few ones I could recognize so I was curious what must have this show has to offer for putting all these people together? Basically, the concept of it is to create a home for celebrities where they would go back to after a busy long day. So we have the rock music icon in the 90s, Shin Sung Woo who's taking part as Chan Yeol of EXO's roommate, supermodel & fashion enthusiast Lee So Ra who's roommate is the 4D or 4 dimensional personality Park Bom from 2ne1 and Song Ga Yeon, a sports driven 19 year old who has a very pretty face but with a  tough personality because of being a Road FC Fighter. Other roommates are actors & flower boys Park Min Woo & Seo Kang Joon. The pairing of Orange Caramel's Nana and actress Hong Soo Hyun is another matched upbeat & straightforward personalities. The unexpected and the probably the most opposite looking partners are the handsome actor Lee Dong Wook and comedienne Jo Se Ho yet they clicked so well in terms of humor and energy.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

First Impression: Witch's Romance's Yoon Dong Ha, Park Seo Joon

feel lucky this season and that K-drama gods has been so good to me as I found myself watching three series that are currently airing (Angel Eyes, Triangle, Witch's Romance). All of which are I'm excited to update everytime and the reason I think is that,as much as my preference is concerned, they are watchable. However, I also want to start so many dramas because of the promising competition and plot but I haven't found a time yet for follow up thus for now, I'll have to enjoy myself indulging to this madness without having to overwhelm my viewing habits. Other shows that I'm considering are Dr. Stranger, Big Man & You're All Surrounded. But, I'll talk about Witch's Romance first because it makes me grin to have found an underdog that is right down my alley. 

So what is it all about? This series is a remake of the Taiwanese drama called My Queen starring Ethan Ruan in the cable channel tvN, which is a story of a woman older by 14 years to a man whom he had an entangled fate with. When I say fate, I won't go through the details because we all know how fate works in Kdramas which is an infinite of possibilities so as much as I can, I wouldn't spoil it to my readers nor elaborate it because I think it's nothing special. I'm not really interested by the plot itself nor the cinematography but I'm most interested with the man who played the role of Yoon Dong Ha, Park Seo Joon. But before I start spazzing about his endless charm and charisma, let's look at the apple of his eyes, Ban Ji Yeon played by Uhm Jung Hwa. Surprisingly, these two have a chemistry together which is amazing and extraordinary. But for me, I give credit to their skills in portraying their roles because to be very honest, this is an unexpected pairing but it could work and it did. Maybe we can give credit to the writer, director and the production as well? Because of the tremendous job of making this happen with the casting. Nonetheless, the most amazing feat for this drama to be proud of for me, is 2014's rising star, Park Seo Joon. Yes, and I already gave that title to him because he deserved much recognition. Haha.

Friday, May 9, 2014

First Impression: Triangle


Genre: Action, Family, Melodrama

This drama first caught me at Kim Jaejoong and Lee Bum Soo working together again even though I haven't seen their first project together which is Dr. Jin. Im Si Wan's casting probably became one of my reasons too to keep an eye on the showing date and such. This drama has only become a candidate out of so many interesting dramas I've had in my mind, but I really wasn't so sure whether I'm really gonna make time for it or not. Nonetheless, I've had my first impression with the trailer and that's when I decided give it a try.

What was about the trailer? Even though it was only a clip and there was just a few seconds shown, I've seen a matured Jaejoong (Heo Yeong Dal) as an actor in a role of a gangster and I had the gut feel this is going to be different from the past projects he's done. So please don't disappoint me.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Drama Recommendation: Angel Eyes

·         Lee Sang Yoon – Park Dong Joo / Dylan Park
·         Kang Ha Neul – young Park Dong Joo
·         Goo Hye Sun – Yoon Soo Wan
·         Nam Ji Hyun – as young Yoon Soo Wan
·         Kim Ji Suk – Kang Ji Won
·         Seungri – Teddy

In a nutshell: This is a melodrama about Yoon Soo Wan (Goo Hye Sun) and Park Dong Joo’s (Lee Sang Yoon) love for each other in the past 12 years,  and the fate that they have to face after so many years that passed by.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Review: Ashita, mama ga inai (Tomorrow, mom won't be here)

Synopsis: The story is about children who have found shelter, purpose and direction, friendship and family through Kogamo no Le, an orphanage headed by a middle aged man named Maou. The kids have different backgrounds of where they came from, and for the essence of it in the drama, the issues were resolved one by one as they go through challenges and growth at such a tender age.

Just a brief background of the series, the story has raised attempts by the government or group of people who are against its broadcast to put an end to it because it involves violence, child abuse and mental disorder which isn't an acceptable issue that the country is facing. Fortunately, they were able to wrap it up even with the said attempts to halt its airing.