Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fated to Love You First Impression (Episode 1-6)

In a nutshell: This is a Korean remake of the Taiwanese drama called Fated to Love You starring Ethan Ruan and Qiao En which was aired back in 2006. For the Korean counterpart, it led Jang Hyuk as Geon and Jang Nara as Kim Mi Young.

The story is about the entanglement of life between two individuals who met by chance in Macau after much confusion with the room number of the hotel where they both were checked in, but with different partners who eventually dumped them both. After spending a night together, this is where it all started.


I haven’t watched the Taiwanese drama online but I remember catching up few episodes at the local channel where it was aired back in day (that sounds really old and odd to me speaking of which). So, I think that it’s a good thing because I will be able to predict less of the story and feel surprised with the events that could happen next. However, since I decided to watch this one and to be honest, curiosity is a normal phenomenon to happen since I’m fidgety at wanting to know what could happen afterwards though it might spoil me, I checked some clips on youtube. But of course I won’t spoil it here myself. And now I start to imagine my thoughts which I can’t divulge, “Ohhhh…” Anyways, I’m sure that if you can relate to it and you feel that you have the telekinetic power to reveal what it is, comment below. But that’s not the point I’m talking, because I’m excited to go all out and discuss it with you but I’m just weird like this that I can’t seem to know how and where to begin. I will just leave it to the fate, in the hands of the scriptwriter whatever that shall be revised and decided to be pursued from the original story.