Sunday, August 7, 2016

Review: Because It’s The First Time (2015)

Plot: It is a story of friendship among six young adults who are on their 20s and are at their point of the most exciting yet confusing part of their lives. They also have their own stories to tell.


I came upon this drama through Park So Dam since I loved her in Beautiful Mind so I thought of checking some of her projects to watch. I started this drama randomly without any expectations at all. Minute did I know that it is one of the fulfilling youthful dramas out there. There was no nostalgia that I felt like the ones I felt from Reply Me 1997 which is my favourite but it has a different feel that makes you realize of the present instead of your past and previous experiences. It goes to show that change comes while the present moment is unfolding and not when you are dwelling on your past. Though I believe that you also become who you are for the accumulated experiences that you’ve had, and being in the moment makes you change your future as well. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Review: Beautiful Mind (2016)

Plot: Lee Yong Oh is an excellent neurosurgeon suffering from antisocial disorder. However, he became involved in the series of deaths of his patients. A police officer, Gye Jin Sung assumed the responsibility to put justice in these events. She was inevitably prying too much and eventually became of help to Lee Yong Oh to overcome his inability to emphatize.


Started from the bottom and now we’re here. I am so glad that I watched this series because it was totally worth it and compelling. The controversy surrounding the drama when it was cut short urged me to watch it since it was so intense coming from the viewers. Nonetheless, I heard good reviews from others. But my expectations were quite average that I didn’t expect it to be as awesome and stirring as it was. If you could get pass the first or two episodes of the series, then you are good to go because sometimes we tend to want to find what’s so great in the drama from those two episodes in which you will find nothing but merely an introduction. I believe that a good drama will make sense in the end and the story made me feel that way. 

This drama when compared to Doctors is more into the medical aspect than the romance while balancing it with the backstory and the development of the characters. Despite having low ratings, the story was solid and there was an actual direction to where it is going. Also, some people find few of the scenes boring especially when the topic is about politics and business but it was one of the element that encompassed the story so it was a given thing and there is nothing much to talk about it anyway. Therefore, I will overlook whatever issue that they were not able to put a conclusion in the end for as long as the important issues raised were given the emphasis of its resolution. Since it’s not a family drama that airs for 50 episodes or more, we should it them some slack because they were tremendous at the procedures that they have shot at the operating room or even at the medical terms that they used.