Friday, July 5, 2013

Review: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Release Date: August 11, 2010


Lee Seung Gi - Cha Dong Woong
Shin Min Ah - Gumiho / Gil Dal


I watched this drama out of love for Lee Seung Gi but honestly speaking, at first I wasn't expecting anything great because I'm not the biggest fan of rom-com dramas and aside from that, I thought Shin Min Ah was not the perfect match for him as far as onscreen chemistry is concerned. Basing from the trailers that I saw, I was a bit hesitant about their team up. Anyway, I did watch it and contrary to my beliefs, I enjoyed it. The fact that it wasn't boring was not only because it's comedy but also they added a fantasy factor on it which is new to me I guess but then again, there are still pitfalls overall because this is a fantasy series. 

Though they were able to tell the story of the Gumiho (Mi Ho, nine-tailed fox) that got freed from the 500 year curse through a painting, that just doesn't make sense to me still. Anyhow, I will try my best to not go through that because I don't want to spoil it and at the same time I want to enjoy this review as much as possible. So I will just concentrate on the entertainment side of the drama and though there are irrational elements in it, believe me that it's still enjoyable. After being freed, the Gumiho (Mi Ho) who took the form of a beautiful lady, ran through Dong Woong which was meant to happen. Anyway, the manner of their meeting looked really scripted but I'd like to think that it was the fate of the characters. 

Mi Ho gets excited and scary when she's hungry and Dong Woong is the one responsible for her raw meat in fear that he could be eaten alive. Those scenes were priceless in a sense that Dong Wong is being haunted by such nightmare in his mind. On the other hand, Dong Wong owed his life to Mi Ho as she gave her a huge portion of her strength to him after being injured from a fall on the river in one instance. After being followed by Mi Ho, Dong Wong got no chance to ran away from her so she kept her on his place until eventually, they developed a deeper relationship together.

Favorite Scene:

My rating: 

It was great if we focus on the enjoyment factor in the series and that complement would go to the Hong Sisters. Other than that, I think everyone will enjoy this even if they're not originally k-drama fans maybe because it's more acceptable if you're not into sageuk or melodramas. Or maybe my preference is just weird so I'm not sure but I'm equally certain that there are more deserving rom-com dramas out there (an example: Full House, My Girl, Goong etc).

After convincing myself to give this a 'Very Good' because I thought I could forgive this at least since in the first place I really love Lee Seung Gi while Shin Min Ah was the most gorgeous Gumiho I've seen; second, I really liked their OST 'Losing My Mind'. However, I think I'd have to settle with Above Average. It's because I didn't like the counter story of the present Gumiho which involved the villain part. I thought it killed the fun. I would have considered this VG if it didn't give me unnecessary odd feelings and ambivalence towards the series. 

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