Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cool Kiz On The Block (Three Episodes)

Hi guys! I'm making this entry post about the variety show that I watch during my breaks with K-dramas, Cool Kiz on the Block. It was really refreshing to me and I am enjoying the show as well. I wasn't actually expecting myself to gain this kind of interest to the show, neither to make time for it because aside from wanting to watch so many dramas this season, I do have real life commitments too. Plus, I needed to catch up in downloading all of the awesome dramas and the like! But then, I guess that when things get real heavy in dramas, we'll watch these things for a change (of emotion I suppose).I'm glad that KBS has been really generous in sharing their shows in youtube. Thanks to them that these were decently subbed in english. To be honest though, I didn't watch the first few episodes of it. I only started when they featured badminton through 2PM's master in the said sport, Nichkhun. I'm not a fan of his but he was really skillful and his smashes were really cool. He was the one who hold my grip into watching until my interest delivered to the other casts as well. Other than that, one of the reasons why I wasn't watching the show before is, I get spoiled everytime Changmin loses in every game. As a fan of his, I know that he takes everything seriously to heart so I knew that the consecutive loses has taken its toll with his self esteem. Personally, I didn't want to watch that.

I'm a fan of Kang Ho Dong and Lee Su Geun as well but I guess, I just didn't find the previous episodes to be interesting which is why it took me long to watch. Everything got better when they introduced new guests and faces that are relatively younger than the previous ones. I presumed, they brought some energy and entertainment to the show. Now, I'm hoping and crossing my fingers that they would retain the following: John Park, Chan Sung, Jong Su, Feel Dog, Dalhwan, Ji Hoon, Professor Mangi and at one point, Dong Ju who was part of it. I just really have to mention Dong Ju despite of absence because I thought that he's really athletic so he would perfectly fit the show. However, I heard that he's been casted with Dream Team Season 2 so it's hopeless now. Anyway, I  hope that there would be a chance of him in the future to be a guest once again.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review: A Gentleman's Dignity

Premise: It tells the story of how the life of four men started at the age of forty through the course of friendship, romance, personal growth and career development.


Kim Do Jin (Jang Dong Gun) - He is an architect by profession and a bachelor that has typical playboy skills due to his incessant appeal and charisma. This has changed when he met that someone who is extra special to him who could make him quit his vices with women.

Seo Yi  Soo (Kim Ha Neul) – She is high school teacher who has devoted herself to teaching her students thus, she has no time for love life. One of her leisure is to attend the baseball practices of one of her friends to assist in the pitch.

Im Tae San (Kim Soo Roo) - He is a baseball player who has sincere intention of marrying his girlfriend Hong Se Ra (Yoon Se Ah), a badminton athlete. However, her feelings are ambivalent in prioritizing between love and career.

Choi Yoon (Kim Min Jong) - He is a lawyer by profession and is a widower who tries to move on and recover from the loss of his wife. After years of grieving, his feelings were somewhat awakened by the return of Mi Ah Ri who is much younger than him.

Im Mi Ah Ri (Yoon Jin Yi) - She is the younger sister of Im Tae San and was a former student of Seo Yi Soo. She went abroad to study fashion designing but then she decided to quit her studies to come back  and meet Choi Yoon, whom she holds feelings for.

Lee Jung Rok (Lee Jong Hyuk) - He owns a coffee shop funded by his wealthy wife Park Min Sook (Kim Jung Nan), an older woman that he married for a comfortable lifestyle. However, he often commits infidelity that might cause him to lose every valuable of his including his lavish lifestyle.

Kim Dong Hyub (Kim Woo Bin) - He is a troublesome student under Seo Yi Soo's class. He shared friendship with Collin (Jong Hyun of CN Blue), a transfer student from Japan who went back to Korea to search for his father. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Review: Dating Agency Cyrano

Premise: A dating agency that offers service to clients who are hopeful to catch the affection of the other person of their interest known as the target. This entails a process of research about the said person to look further to their background that could favor or benefit the clients' effort in love. This suggests that the instances of their interaction are manipulated by the agency and also, the client.

Characters: Go Min Young entered the Cyrano agency after she left her previous job that was in line with the services and agenda of it. Leading to her decision was because of a case wherein they came across each other and met a conflicting mission that led to Min Young's failure and to Cyrano's victory. On the other hand, perhaps they saw her potential to be with the team, they offered her to work with them. Later on, she accepted their offer and eventually worked for Cyrano despite of her being the only girl.

Continuation: Halftime Report

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Review: School 2013

Premise: A drama that discusses the life of students beyond the school setting. This portrays a reflection on the student’s learning behavior that affects their performance in school. It basically wants to address the issue on why students hate studying. It includes family problems, personal background, and attitude that are crucial to the stage of a typical coming of age by adolescents as manifested in real life through this drama.


The story: I’m not the biggest fan of school setting dramas, Japanese dramas aside, and after watching this series, my belief that this type of genre for K-dramas is auto-disliked by my taste has been made firmer because I can’t help but to compare. Unlike in Japanese dramas which are actually more expressive that really works for me, it is a huge disappointment to the Korean counterpart to reach such degree of effectiveness.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review: Nine Times Time Travel

RECAPS: 12-34-89-1314-181920

Premise: Two timelines running in two separate years of 20-year interval: 1992 and 2012. Time travel occurs between the two timelines through the mythical ability of the incense sticks that is limited to nine pieces to complete the passage of time travel. It occurs to whoever has lighted the incense which has duration to take effect lasting for 30 minutes from the period it was burnt.

The Characters:

Sung Woo – He is a broadcast company’s news anchor driven to expose the dirt and anomalies of the alleged individuals suspected of the different scandals. Furthermore, he wanted to deliver news that is defined with clarity and truthfulness.

Min Young – She is a co-worker of Sung Woo that had expressed her love to him in their five years of working relationship. She has an upbeat personality that Sung Woo finds attractive of her despite of being a nagger and exaggerated most of the time.

Jung Woo – He is Sung Woo’s brother that died in the Himalayas from freezing to death because of the severe condition brought by the cold gust of snow.

Han Young Hoon – He is a physician and at the same time, the childhood friend of Sung Woo who has witnessed his misery in going after the incense stick’s ability to bring someone back to the previous circumstances of the past. He’s also given Sung Woo the moral support as well as the warnings he needed during his course.

Choi Jin Cheol – He’s the president of the hospital founded by Sung Woo’s father in the past and has been the primary suspect of Sung Woo for killing his father 20 years ago however, he has no evidence to prove his crime. Because of that, he has become the reason why Sung Woo wanted to become a reporter so that he could expose his anomalies to the public.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

My thoughts on Tohoshinki's historical concert event in Nissan Stadium for 2 Days [August 17-18]

Tohoshinki's concert in Nissan Stadium is a testament that dreams do really come true. The message that it delivers is inspirational for everyone, not only to those who are aspirants of holding a concert in the biggest possible venue in Japan but also, to every dream that we hope for. This is why I love them, the group that first started as 5 members. Now that they are only 2, I can't take away the thoughts of what could have been accomplished by 5 if the 2 has already achieved this much, even exceeding what had been done by the 5 members before. Even though that chapter of the history has its own meaning which I think is precious and memorable to the members and also, everyone who has seen them reach their dreams one by one. I just wish and pray that this is not the end of their story together. Definitely because I heard that in today's [August 18] concert, Yunho and Changmin said that they would have to protect Tohoshinki together with everyone. Hearing that, my heart just swells with so much pride because I know that they are aware of how hard it is to reach their dreams, and that without everyone's love and support, it will just remain as a dream. As part of the history made, I won't forget the efforts contributed by the suspended members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu which cannot be erased or denied from the foundation of their career. So, I still believe that the best thing is yet to come for this group and I am absolutely preparing myself when day comes wherein Tohoshinki is going to make an even bigger name in Japan and hopefully to the world. What I love about dreams is that they're free and aside from that, it signifies hope in our hearts. Personally, as a fan, I won't give up on that dream because Tohoshinki's Yunho and Changmin made me believe that impossible is nothing. Words are even made powerful when said or written, agree?

MORE thoughts ahead with pictures:

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Spazz-filled Recap: Nine Times Time Travel Episode 20

The ending was unexpected, satisfying, entertaining, engaging, ambiguous, fun-filled and has left a powerful message to the viewers regarding the values, purposes and essence of  this drama.

1993. Min Young and her mom's plane taking off bound to US.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Full Recap and Spoilers: Nine Times Time Travel Episode 19

Here is my spoiler packed recap of Nine Episode 19. Just a brief sharing, I'm actually done with the series now and I can claim that it's totally one of my favorite series ever and because I'm still experiencing hangover from the drama, I thought that I shouldn't rush doing the recap and the review. Soon <3

After 30 minutes has passed which is the interval of Sung Woo's stay in the past timeline, he unfortunately wasn't able to go back to the present time. The first thing he did was make a message to his friend through the voice recorder as  he believed that the voice message will be retrieved in the present time just in case. I thought that it was the smartest thing to do, which he did inside the phone booth.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Running Man feat. Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Suk, Min Hyo Rin, Lee Jong Hyun and Kim So Roo

This is one of the rare times that I watched Running Man, yes probably you're thinking that I am so left out because I'm missing the fun but just to share with you guys, it was a choice that I made maybe because I find the show too scripted for me that I thought they could have been more creative in order to better showcase the talent of the members. However, my opinion aside, we all have our different preferences and as long as others find joys in watching the show and as long as I enjoyed this episode, then there's no issue about it or anything like that. To be honest though, I love most of the cast members and I've seen some of their projects before that I really enjoyed as well.

Cool Kiz on the Block: Badminton Training with the Elite

This episode is a continuation to their badminton training. However, Changmin, Nichkhun, and John Park were absent and was replaced by Dong Ju (ZE:A) in place of Changmin while the Professor who was absent in the past episode has returned after his injury.

Short verdict: The most hilarious episode thus far!

Grandpa Over Flowers: Day 3

Previous Posts: Day 1Day 2

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Featured Artist: Tenjochiki / CSJH The Grace / TSZX


Official Site: JapanKorea

Who: Tenjochiki is a Jpop group that comprises Korean members Dana, Lina, Sunday and Stephanie whom are part of the roster of talents developed by SM Entertainment. The members were precisely chosen to form a group in counterpart to then SM's new generation of national legends TVXQ a.k.a Dong Bang Shin Gi (The Rising Gods of the East). It is an idol group that best represents Kpop to the world and has the respect of the Kpop community due to their hard earned status in the industry. Meanwhile, SM entertainment is a prominent company for launching the careers of some of the phenomenal idols and artists in Korea such as BoA, H.O.T, SHINHWA and TVXQ to name their most successful ones.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Cool Kiz on the Block: Badminton Match

The episode showcased the skills of our Cool Kiz members after a week of training together with the guests: 2PM members Nichkhun, Woo Young and Chansung, John Park, Jong Su, etc. The mechanics only has 1 set of play for each contending team with a total of five teams for each group. The contenders are from the different age groups and gender who has spent their time and effort on badminton longer than the Cool Kiz members. However, the result will still depend on the mindset of the members during the competition. Let’s find out whose team prevailed.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bookworm Alert: Spectacular Happiness

Hi everybody! I just finished this book that I have fallen in love with; and because I found a great pleasure and experience while reading, I thought it would be great to share it with everyone. It contains words, images, backgrounds, thoughts and beliefs that I've always wanted to talk about. All of these I have achieved through its portrayal in this novel. The honestly, it's nauseating truthfulness was a pleasant expression to get indulge with.

Cool Kiz on the Block: Badminton School with 2PM

Just a brief introduction to what Cool Kiz is all about; it’s a variety show that caters sports wherein the participants including the casts are required to undergo intensive training whether or not they have background on the featured sport for at least a week or two. They are composed of Kang Ho Dong, Lee Su Geun, and Shim Changmin (TVXQ) who are the main stays. Joining them are the featured guests in every highlighted sport for 2-3 weeks. They are the celebrities, athletes, coaches and other enthusiasts. After which, they have to compete against professionals with a series of matches to determine not only their improvement and agility to the sport but also as a test to their teamwork.

Grandpa Over Flowers: Day 2

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Impression: Grandpa Over Flowers

It's a new variety series of tvN headed by my favorite PD in variety shows whom I first met through 1 Night and 2 Days, PD Na.

If you're familiar with season 1 of 1N2D, you'd probably agree with me that it was the best! Ever. The show swept me away all throughout. I remember being so obsessed with it that it stole the spotlight from K-dramas. The show is simply fun, feel good and spouting joys and more of it. I suppose the brilliant key to its unbeaten success and loyalty from viewers was the acquired chemistry of the casts over the years. You can just imagine working together within 5 years and more and spending 2-3 days a week exclusively. Who wouldn't get attached if that's the case? The casts came from the different entertainment backgrounds that consisted variety hosts (Kang Ho Dong & Lee Su Geun),  music icons (MC Mong, Kim C & Eun Ji Won), comedians (Kim Jong Min), dramas actors (Lee Seung Gi & Uhm Taewoong) and a dog. It was a recognizable chemistry built from taking trips to various places in S. Korea and to few opportunities abroad as well.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Heartless City: Quick Recap of Episode 1 and Character Introduction

This is the episode where you get fed by a lot of confusing information because of the unfamiliarity with the sequence, the story, the characters, and personally, it was a first time for me to come across most of the casts. Thus, I decided to return to this episode where I thought I have missed a lot of details that I picked up later on. The first time, my brain wasn't absorbing the much, the story was all over the place and I can’t appreciate the characters yet but now that I see it again, everything has made organized and appealing, and that the pilot episode is actually quite impressive and interesting than I thought. Thank God I made it pass episode 1 because this drama just exploded right after, as the story develops and the revelations made into surface.

Character Introduction 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: Heartless City


The story has come to its finale and I’m left here trying to absorb everything about the series, on how amazing it has been! It totally was worth of an emotional ride and excitement. I can clearly claim this drama as my favorite now simply because of the overall impact that it has brought to me starting from its brilliant editing, story line, and cinematography down to the great images portrayed.