Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kdrama Halftime Review: Beautiful Gong Shim

Plot: It is a romantic comedy series featuring two sisters who have differing looks and personality. Gong Mi is a lawyer with a pretty face while Gong Shim is a warm hearted younger sister who always put others first before herself. The story becomes more interesting with the addition of two handsome men in their lives who came from opposing backgrounds.  Ahn Dan Tae is a lawyer who takes part time jobs and but will be lodging at the rooftop owned by Gong Shim while Joon Soo is from a wealthy family and is the Director of their family business.


It was a very catchy episode one for me so I jumped into the series as soon as I watched it. There is this quality in the character of Gong Shim that makes it feel believable. She’s a very adorable and kind character that you just can’t help but fall in love with. There is that kind of magic in her that makes her very effective for the role. I am truly pleased by Min Ah’s (from the idol group Girls’ Day) portrayal and it feels like she was just being herself with no pretentions. She was able to convey that kind of character which added spice on the story. Next is Nam Gong Min who’s embodied the character of Ahn Dan Tae. The last and only project I’ve seen from is Sensory Couple and he didn’t leave a good impression on me basically because he was a villain but I still remained hopeful for him in this one because it is a rom-com series and I just crossed my fingers that he wouldn’t fail me. Guess what? He delivered and he really has the team up with Min Ah that will crack you up. So I am gushing over their cuteness when they are together. I think their characters are something that could light up a very gloomy day, so that anchored my interest in this series.

At the moment, they have only finished up until episode 14 and I can’t wait for the next episode because the ending was a cliff-hanger. I wonder what would happen next and of course I wouldn’t spoil it to you. But to give a glimpse on what the characters are about, I will have to write about her Director Joon Soo and Gong Shim’s Family. I think that the Director is a cute guy and I have a second male lead syndrome next to the OTP syndrome. Seriously the guy is so nice and acting naive sometimes but you just can’t help but admire that kind of personality because not everyone who grows up from a wealthy home know how to befriend people like how he did with Dan Tae and Gong Shim. He’s a guy that no matter what happens, you can’t possibly hate because he’s a momma’s boy and he raised himself to be responsible. The friendship he’s made with the two of them is really admirable and I wish that I have a guy friend like him. I’m sure all girls would line up to get one but on the other hand, it makes me feel how lucky Gong Shim is because he’s a sweetheart and yet she also has Dan Tae. Oh my the love line is not as intense as other Kdramas are but it is one thing that I like about the series which is a lighthearted kind and they focused more on family, friends and character building.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday Blues

Today, is the day that I am conflicted in my thoughts on what shall I do next. But then I remember that I have this blog to pour my thoughts over regarding the next best agenda for me. I guess, there are a lot of uncertainties as much as possibilities in life. However, I need this time to write down my thoughts and this is the best option for me.

Fangirling has never stopped me from being myself and I think that in fangirling, I find myself; and this is where my character has developed over the years. I still believe that the best outlet there is to me is to revel on the things that generally boost up my confidence. Over the past years, I have drowned myself on a lot of things and I experimented on what may be or may not be applicable on me in the future being an adult. I find myself still going back to my roots of interest which is this passion.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Kdrama: I Have a Lover

It's been two months since I've been away from blogger sphere but I'm back now to give a review on the Kdrama that took 50 hours of my viewing time, I Have a Lover. So I want to show how much this Kdrama took over my life. But of course, I only watched this on my free time so I'm excited to recommend this to you.

Disclaimer: I am not a huge fan of Kdramas but there are forces that draw me into watching and one of them is that every Kdrama and actors that portray a role are special. In that sense, I feel that there has to be a connection between me and a Kdrama in order for me to like it. My second confession would be, I am not a huge fan of 50 episodes Kdrama, I avoid them even when the actors are the ones that impress me. So, I have been reluctant on this but since I realized after reading a book called "The Girl Who Played with Fire" which took me one month to finish, then I could do it to a Kdrama as well. Before jumping into this addiction, I was into Japanese movies first and I watched quite plenty of them like Anohana Live Action which is my most favorite, 5cm per second (anime), The Girl Who Leapt through Time, The Black Devil and The White Prince and No Longer Heroine to mention some. So I guess, it’s fate that I watched I Have A Lover because I am not jumping into melodrama but I dived into this which is quite amazing actually. I really liked it.

Plot: This drama is a romantic, family melodrama with a bit of comedy that revolves around Do Hae Kang (Kim Hyun Joo) and her husband Choi Jin Eun (Ji Jin Hee). Then there is a backstory to their families in which Do Hae Kang has a twin sister, DokKo Yong Gi (Kim Hyun Joo) and they met after 30 years.