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Review: Reply Me 1997

Release Date: July 24, 2012
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Youth

My August-September 2012 twitter timeline was mostly filled with rants over Reply Me 1997. At first I wasn't confident in giving it a try for two reasons. First, I wasn't familiar with the casts and second, they are rookie actors not to mention idols as considered by Kpop fans. Thus, I was hesitant in putting my time and effort on it until last February. Beforehand, I have heard good reviews about this tvN drama made mostly by TVXQ fans and even TVXQ themselves. They once shared in a radio show that they were an avid follower of each episode of the drama despite of their tight schedule. That gave me interest to the series despite of pushing it aside for other dramas which are readily available to watch. By  February this year, it was recommended to me by a friend and she's lend me a copy of it for me to watch.


One day, a reunion took place among group of friends in the university that holds beautiful memories  of their friendship. The story will keep you waiting for answers as the characters reminisce and catch up to raise curiosity among the viewers. As they went back to 1997 and  years later, the answers will be revealed.

So, let's turn the fangirl mode on. 

Reply Me 1997 is seriously one of my favorite dramas ever. To prove it, I even bought its expensive OST as a souvenir which I don't normally do. A great factor why I am dearly attached to the story is because I can relate to it. The series centered to the character of Eun Ji as Sung Shi Won, a fangirl of H.O.T which is a legendary boyband in Korea and in similarity to myself who is a huge fan of not any lesser legendary group, TVXQ. So this character and I have a lot of things in common except for she's a lot crazier than I am. When I say crazy, she's done it over the top that I find natural and amusing with the intense usage of Busan accent that gave me insane laughter.

To the Casts:

Seo In Guk was a big revelation to me. I didn't know he existed before the series. I felt like even though it's his first starring project, he was recruited well to take responsibility. Other than being impressed of his acting, I really admired his singing voice as well so I thought it would be great to fangirl him because he's a well rounded entertainer.

Jung Eunji. Just like Seo In Guk, she's come off as a surprise to me. She's just so adorable and very child like which her character asks of her. I feel that Eunji will come a long way plus she has a brilliant voice to showcase herself. 

Hoya is a member of kpop idol group Infinite and just like Seo In Guk and Eunji, he's given justice to his role. Damn. His character is so out of the blue and made my jaw drop. The moment I found it out, man I'm sold. Haha! The reason why I like him so much too is that he reminds me of Xiah Junsu who is a multi talented star.

Favorite Quotes:

source: yuetokki

Being a teenager is a stormy period because we don’t know any answers. We don’t know what we really want, who really loves us…Who we really love…We struggle to find the answer. And finally, when we miraculously find the answer…We’ve already become adults and undergo big and small goodbyes.

source: lovebitesociety

source: katruong


Listening to the OST, I have so much feels to even put it to words. The duet made by In Guk and Eun Ji serves as my happy pill even upto now and they introduced me to old Korean ballads as well which I am appreciative of.

Overall, if you are a stressed out person or a stress free one, whoever you are, watch this drama because everyone deserves this one of a kind treat. The characters will grow on you even more and promises to not disappoint. They've proven this series to be well thought of as reflected on the result and satisfaction of the viewers. Because of the evident hard work and talent, I really enjoyed it a lot so I rate this drama 5/5. Excellent! It's a MUST WATCH!

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