Sunday, March 6, 2016

Review: Descendants of the Sun Episode 4

 This drama knows how to make a proper resolution to the problem and that is what episode 4 is all about. Shi Jin was summoned by his superior for defying a military order. After episode 3, we have measured the depth of Shi Jin's character for choosing to save a man's life and a doctor who might have been charged of a case that she did not voluntary do. The man is an influential leader of the Arab world and he needed an immediate medical attention so they landed in Urk for a treatment. However, the man's medical record was fabricated with diagnosis that he doesn’t have. Hence, the medical team led by Dr. Kang Mo Yeon assessed the patient and she suggested an emergency operation. However, his security insisted for them to wait for his Arab doctor despite of being in dire situation. It was an emergency case that needed to have someone to judge whether to listen from his security and a military order which tells the same thing or to save two lives that are in the line. Thus, Shi Jin commanded his men to point a gun to anyone who'll try to neglect the operation and took full responsibility for the outcome. Meanwhile, Kang Mo Yeon is a reputable doctor and she lived up to the expectations of Shi Jin. Through these debacles that they managed to surpass together, the connection between the two has gotten deeper.

Shi Jin was detained in the barracks for disobeying the order to not meddle with the situation.

Kang Mo Yeon worries for Shi Jin because of the circumstances that he will face if the patient will not wake up.

But he can still joke around. *blush*

This kid has an issue with Seo Dae Young for leaving without saying goodbye.

Even though Myung Ju managed to get deployed in Urk, the circumstances led Seo Dae Young to leave. When they met at the airport, it was a moment of heartbreak for both because they needed to go in separate ways again since Dae Young was ordered to go back to Korea. 

It gets better in each episode since the characters are being built and molded through their experiences. I have witnessed so much growth from the characters since episode 1.

I love the different sides of the characters that this drama is able to show.


Myung Ju asked Dae Young what does he need and he answered...

Lance Corporal Kim Gi Beon made tofu dishes for Captain Shi Jin who has been detained in the barracks for 1 night and 2 days. This scene was funny.

 Kang Mo Yeon became indifferent to Shi Jin overnight.

We can’t also miss the leader of the Arab World inviting Captain Shi Jin and Dr. Kang Mo Yeon to give them a gift of appreciation for saving his life. 

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