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Spazz-filled Recap: Nine Times Time Travel Episode 20

The ending was unexpected, satisfying, entertaining, engaging, ambiguous, fun-filled and has left a powerful message to the viewers regarding the values, purposes and essence of  this drama.

1993. Min Young and her mom's plane taking off bound to US.

Jung Woo is now leaving the house and asked Sung Woo to come out of his room but he teared up and didn't open the door.

Jung Woo left the house with the police officers.

Sung Woo met with the reporter who is introduced to him by his older self from the future, whom happened to be his boss. 

Originally, he never thought of becoming a reporter but because of the case that happened to his family, he became interested of the job.

Sung Woo, when he can no longer go back to the present, he called his 20 year younger self to say his goodbye, and for him to never expect of his return to his life. He asked him to live well.

Because he didn't want to spoil his journey in life and let his younger self miss the adventure of growing older, he asked to asked him to live his life.

2007. Sung Woo, now a reporter / news anchor. While wandering around the site, has found the missing part of the body of the victim covered by their news report.

Look at your side boy, danger! He did risk his life on this scene when he went to clear the hands (part of the victim's body) off the way.

Meanwhile, the team is having a party for the newly recruits of the broadcast company. 

While they're enjoying, Sung Woo hasn't arrived yet.

Sung Woo arrived late but he accidentally hit Joo Min Young on the forehead when he opened the door, and it happened that Min Young was having fun and dancing.

She fainted. Sung Woo was blamed of the accident and asked to bring her to the hospital.

Sung Woo was irked by the incident and it showed while he's on the phone.

And he looked Min young with such face.

He said that he won't ever let her easy because of what she did, calling her his worst encounter. She was noisy and proud of being a reporter of the broadcasting company where they work, and even flaunted it at the hospital and that made him very embarrassed of her actions.

But then her response was a simple sorry. And "Yes [ that won't happen again ]"

But she is clearly turned on by his good speech and ability to make an argument. LOL ~

LOL ~ He look at him with such intention.

She offered him to buy him coffee but he refused and called a cab instead. But Min Young followed him inside.

And Sung Woo loved the chase. :p

But his words said otherwise. Boy, I knew you like her even with all the bickering that happened at your first meeting.

Oppps. She is reminded of something strange.

Shocked. She remembered a moment in her childhood when she met a man that looked exactly like him.

Ming Young got off the car. He thought she's really crazy. Which she really is, because of being so upfront with her feelings for him but being so suddenly weird and stuff.

He was not pleased of her but he was concerned and in shock too.

This is what Min Young remembered.

The next day, they meet again. He asked her to meet him.

He apprehended her for showing no respect to him the night before. But she childishly cried and said that she's turned on by his manner of voicing it out.

Because it's too sexy. LOL!

HAHAHAHA. It's all because he was clueless of Min Young's memory. If only he knew.
"But still, Joo Min Young is so weird." I can relate to that statement.

I agree with everything. How the heck did she even get in. I mean, for a reporter, that's so unexpected of her. However, the scene was hilarious! Joo Min Young was full of aegyo while Sung Woo is all cool and sexy!

2008. I can't believe they stand a year of working together. I thought a day wouldn't even be possible.

And he caught her peeking under his shirt. Seriously, that was unbelievable of Min Young but she's so funny. *laughtears*

I agree with you director. And they continued to fight in front of him. What a work place. I'd love to work with them!

2009. And 2 years went by just like that. Seems like they're getting closer to each other.

It's obvious that you like her. If not, you wouldn't even speak to her, right?

I know, you ship these two! *high5*

He teases her just like that.

He fell asleep and that his head fell on Min Young's shoulder.

And she was ecstatic about it.

She even took a picture.

Plus an adorable shot.

And he still continues to treat her like that and she would believe whatever he says too.


HAHAHAHA! *squeal*

2010. Sung Woo called Min Young to inform her that they will watch a movie together.

She was excited and even groomed herself with make up, lovely dress and accessories to look more attractive.

She's pretty <3

She's all dolled up now.

She didn't forget to wear that smile.

But then these three were present whose job is to ruin Min Young's dream date / proposal.

They laughed at her and asked: "What's up with that dress? Are you on drugs?" That was rude </3

Even him! Aghhhh.

Look at her face, all disappointed and innocent.

She cried because it was embarrassing.

Here he goes again, of course you would!

But she was very honest. And she said "Yes, it's about time." Lol, so brave!


2011. A conversation that went between Sung Woo and his brother.

Min Young, can you hear this? Lol girl, your persistence succeeded!

As if..

That's true! Which is why you fell in love with her. Yieeee <3

Actually, she'd freak out.

I agree.

I wished that she was actually there to hear the conversation. It was so much fun.
Jung Woo also shared his trip to Nepal during that time.

2012. Min Young has work based in Nepal for few weeks. Because of that, she'll miss him. (Scratch that, they'll miss each other)


Hold up!

Me! I was looking forward to it too. I love that gesture. HA!


They kissed but Min Young asked for more. Yikes.

It's frustrating...

Is there even a proper reason for that. 

Yes, do you remember it now too?

I don't think so.

Boy looked good!

And he blamed her again. He already realized everything.

Well, that was true.

Good answer.

Aww. WAE? Again.

He reads his old journal.

Good decision.

Never fear your future, you know you can make it.

And you see it now.

He talked to his friend on the phone.

The following are his message for himself:

And he met his brother:

Sorry, I can't decipher the ending. Nonetheless, I was satisfied with the whole journey of the characters. It was compelling and it has a lot of values to learn from. My review on this drama will come up soon! Look forward to it. And thank you for reading my incoherent recaps. I hope you'd watch this drama regardless, it's worth it of your time, I promise! : )

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