Friday, August 9, 2013

Cool Kiz on the Block: Badminton Match

The episode showcased the skills of our Cool Kiz members after a week of training together with the guests: 2PM members Nichkhun, Woo Young and Chansung, John Park, Jong Su, etc. The mechanics only has 1 set of play for each contending team with a total of five teams for each group. The contenders are from the different age groups and gender who has spent their time and effort on badminton longer than the Cool Kiz members. However, the result will still depend on the mindset of the members during the competition. Let’s find out whose team prevailed.

Obviously, Cool Kiz members are the underdogs as far as years of training and experience is concerned, but what is more revealing which is the essential part of the show is the disposition of the members to learn the sport, do the best of their ability and hopefully, try to snatch the victory from the more experienced team.

Cool Kiz’ chant was: “It’s okay to lose!”

Kang Ho Dong: This is a ridiculous show. It’s not like I’m an athlete [to be serious about it]
John Park: I released my album [today] but I’m here playing [badminton]

Jong Su: Instead of preparing for the release of his album, he’d spent more time on badminton

John Park: I wanted to throw up [on the set]
Kang Ho Dong: I visualized myself. It felt like out-of-body experience [while doing the smash]

Hilarious! Everyone was into the game. But who could blame them when you’re emotionally invested to it and your competitiveness and the show requires you to be!

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