Saturday, July 16, 2016

Review: Doctors Episode 7 and 8

I couldn’t be happier with how episode 7 and 8 turned out. Doctors is a hot drama right now and it’s unstoppable with the team up of two Korean Drama royalties Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye. These two are great examples of experienced actors who can really make chemistry through every ounce of talent that they got. I mentioned before that I loved Kim Rae Won in ‘My Little Bride’ and now; I love him as much in Doctors if not even more. I think that he’s an actor with a true character from the role of Hong Ji Hong. He’s a believable actor as a doctor and I am impressed not only with his role but also to the script of the drama which I think is a great help to making it as real as possible.

In episode 7, Hye Jung’s friend Kim Soo Chul came into the picture putting Dr. Hong in a jealous mode and in addition to Hye Jung’s admirers, Dr. Jung Yoon Do is captivated with our heroine’s charm. The character of Soo Chul is supposed to be a threat to the romance of the one true pairing according to the perception of Dr. Hong which was dismissed by the reality of Soo Chul being divorced and having a son. Basically, I think that Soo Chul’s feelings for Hye Jung is still strong but now, he’s become mature so he’s also ready to letting go of her. Perhaps he just wanted to say goodbye before he moves on. Also, this character is a revelation of Hye Jung’s past which was being forwarded. It was revealed that Soo Chul lent a helping hand to her when she had no desire to live after her grandmother passed away. I feel that their friendship is bounded by a true foundation of it and so, Hye Jung showed him more compassion which she wasn’t able to show to her family.

Apparently, her step mother had a neurological problem that had to be dealt with surgery which was later handled by Hye Jung herself. Nonetheless, it had to be performed by Dr. Jung. But this has also opened Dr. Jung’s heart to her which to me, the way he’s showed his interest to her is rather cute. Dr. Jung is also aware that he’s never felt something like that before and he’s discovered a different facet of himself. Contrary with Seo Woo, I have a different opinion of him. I think that he’s really mean to her. I know how she’s being so immature at everything that her competitive attitude towards Hye Jung is out of this world but she needs a friend who will understand her frustrations. She’s being pushed to being heiress of a hospital which was planted out by her father and grandfather to make it privatized. Therefore, there would be conflict of interest among the doctors and the management of the institution. This would also make a huge impact on the health service and the quality of care that they render so a big change is expected when it gets pursued. I don’t sympathize with her but Dr. Jung should know better than what his actions are doing to her.

Moving on to the fun aspect of this series, there are loaded of these moments before any problem arises or after they have arrived. I like how there is not much bad blood among the doctors yet though it may be anticipated in the future. They are going through a lot of stress as well especially when personal matters are being on the line as well. It is expected therefore that since there is romance in the series, this is will get more dramatic but hopefully, not excessive. I believe that the story will carry itself towards a progressive spot and I hope that being a professional would overcome these emotions especially when the patient’s life is on the line. In episode 8, Seo Woo was being unprofessional and I felt the tough position that Dr. Hong and Hye Jung were. It was a bit frustrating to witness to be honest and worst of all, she was not admitting her mistake.

I would also like to emphasize Kim Rae Won’s role as a man to Hye Jung which is so cheesy but rather convincingly “kilig” to watch. He’s such a charmer and I feel like smiling whenever he smiles not only to Park Shin Hye but to everybody. Also, his disposition in life is something positive about him and that is beyond the magic of his smiles. I hope they continue to make the viewers’ hearts flutter the way that they have been into it.

I’m giving these two episodes a two thumbs up as they were able to deal complex situations combined with the development of the characters. It is doing a great job from its standpoint so far and I hope that they keep up with this kind of pace so as not to lose momentum of what has been started. But I'm keeping my faith that this drama will continue to entertain the viewers as much as it has been doing great. 

What do you think of episode 7 and 8? I hope to hear your thoughts as well. Comment your thoughts below.

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