Sunday, August 7, 2016

Review: Because It’s The First Time (2015)

Plot: It is a story of friendship among six young adults who are on their 20s and are at their point of the most exciting yet confusing part of their lives. They also have their own stories to tell.


I came upon this drama through Park So Dam since I loved her in Beautiful Mind so I thought of checking some of her projects to watch. I started this drama randomly without any expectations at all. Minute did I know that it is one of the fulfilling youthful dramas out there. There was no nostalgia that I felt like the ones I felt from Reply Me 1997 which is my favourite but it has a different feel that makes you realize of the present instead of your past and previous experiences. It goes to show that change comes while the present moment is unfolding and not when you are dwelling on your past. Though I believe that you also become who you are for the accumulated experiences that you’ve had, and being in the moment makes you change your future as well. 

Since the characters are just at the phase of being an adult, they have so much to learn and to figure out in their lives. But most of the time, they are just enjoying the moment and is sticking to their old immature selves. This scenario makes them more vulnerable for change considering that they are also facing problems in their own lives. However in this drama, they were able to put friendship on the front as an option to what they are supposed to be doing in the moment. Thus, they have friends who are supportive to them and their relationship is as tight as a family. This puts a good foundation to their process of being an adult so until the end, they showed the essence of friendship to their lives. While watching this drama, this makes you feel jealous of the gift of friendship despite having troubles in the different aspect of their lives. While watching this series, their friendship is something to be envied about.

This drama is focused in the moment and they mean no time wasted of their past. Hence, they enjoyed so much of their time despite airing only eight episodes and with no proper beginning, start and ending in the story. Nonetheless, it felt compelling and solid which is why I am encouraged to share my thoughts regarding this drama. Though there were limitations since the characters are just becoming adults and the drama is made purposely to show the reality of having a flawed life, it has showed enlightenment for the characters being at such a young age. Pain is part of their lives but they were also able to share it with everyone and so is the joy that they have.

I think that this drama is comprised of actors that were able to play their roles giving them  satisfactory ratings. Park So Dam as Han Song Yi is given to be great already since she was one of the reasons why I watched. But without the roles of Choi Minho, Kim Min Jae, Lee Ki Kyung, Cho Hye Jung and Jung Eu Gene, it wouldn’t work. But I’d like to emphasize how pleasantly surprising Minho was in his role because he was acing his character and he gave his 100% effort being an actor. I also thought that maybe it’s his usual self being in that role so that is why it was easy for him being Yoon Tae Oh. The story also had some inevitable romance since they are youngsters. This part is not butterfly-in-the-stomach envy but it’s just so cute and innocent. Therefore, it is one of the things that must excite the viewers and to watch for. Also, there was no annoying character that will make you throw a fit but rather, selfless yet naughty kids.

Overall, this is an easy to watch drama that is only comprised of eight episodes. I’m recommending this to all ages for you can learn so much from young people. Highly recommended indeed!

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  1. I haven't watched this drama, but I do like Minho as an actor. I'm watching him in Hwarang right now, and even though he's no the "main guy," he's totally stealing the show for me.

    You've done so many reviews! Props to you, friend. You've got an awesome blog.


    1. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by.

      I'm not a huge fan of Minho before I watched this show. But he scored a follower after this for his natural acting. I am thinking of watching Hwarang too because I have loved the actors there in some of their past dramas.

      Cheers! :)