Thursday, July 7, 2016

First Impression: Doctors Episode 1-6

Plot: Two doctors met after 13 years of parting. Hye Jung was a troubled student back in high school whose life has been changed by her grandmother and her homeroom teacher, Hong Ji Hong. He is an aspirant physician who’s found passion in teaching.


KIM RAE WON. I’m not a fan of Kim Rae Won though I believe I have seen him in My Little Bride where I adored Moon Geun Young so much. But still I could not really decipher the hype of this Kdrama before I started to watch it because “It’s just another Kdrama about Doctors yet again”. Though I knew that Park Shin Hye is a talented actress whom I have adored in Heirs, I thought it was still not enough. But this is not a part of the impression that I have for this drama because it was worth it of the hype and high kick scenes that Park Shin Hye has done in the beginning.

I feel that this is the best that Park Shin Hye has become. I am a fan of her dancing and athletic ability in the past but now she has my total respect and she’s become matured and is brimming with passion. I am truly glad to have witnessed Hye Jung in her, be it as a gangster or as a compassionate doctor. She’s reached her best shape yet and I hope that she’ll continue to thrill the viewers with her action packed scenes.

Going back to Kim Rae Won, I have so much thought of him and I don’t know where to start because he’s been so lovely the whole time and I couldn’t take my eyes of off this ahjusshi. Now excuse my language but I couldn’t believe he’s just occurred now. I could totally bring him in my list of charismatic ahjusshi in Korean Entertainment scene where I dearly place Ji Jin Hee, Jang Hyuk, So Ji Sub, Lee Jun Ki, Jo In Sung, Nam Gong Min (Beautiful GongShim) and the list goes on. But I am still at the peak of Ji Jin Hee fever since I’ve watched ‘I Have a Lover’. Now I feel bad for enumerating some actors because it can actually go a very long way. But then, I happen to really associate him with them because he rarely appears and now, he’s making my heart flutter. LOL. But then I would like to emphasize that he really match Park Shin Hye well and he also gives off an innocent vibe which is a totally fresh image.

To give the characters a brief preview, Hye Jung has a strong personality. She’s the type to never back down from anyone who will contest her belief in herself which is why she’s also the one who’ll get hurt the most in the process because she tends to bring it all to herself. That strength she has brought her to becoming a successful surgeon which led her to meeting Hong Ji Hong whom she had a crush on in high school. Even though they were apart for a long time, Ji Hong was someone who never lost his faith in her for he believed that she can go through everything. But he never thought that she’ll become a doctor someday. When they met after so many years, a romance between the two will develop and surely, it will not be an easy one which the couple was not made for.

The story is in line with the setting and the supporting characters are truly well written as well. The main setting is the hospital which is a kind of environment where you see doctors particularly in the critical area such as emergency room, operating room and the intensive care unit so it has to become realistic as it should be as the real practice. I must say that they have so far shown competency as health care professionals and the exchange of banters are fitting for the profession and also, some prejudice around. But in the end, you see that as Doctors, the main priority are the patients so the center of the story should belong to them and so far, it has shown that kind of practice which I believe is quite insightful how they were able to bring it in front of everything. As an institution, they have shown weakness and lack of coordination but I will give them some slack on that part because it is considered as business and this is a Kdrama, as long as they keep professionalism among the doctors and show the real story behind the scene.

Of course, I wouldn’t miss the OST of this series which I think is really effective to the sequencing and all of that so I find myself lying back and just enjoying the scenes when the OST plays especially Youn Ha’s Sunflower which you should check out. At first when I head the song, I thought of Youn ha but I did not verify the singer of the song so I just let it pass but just now, I found out that she sang it and I am so glad because it’s a great song and she happened to be one of the Kpop singers I listened to in the past. So this is totally a spazz-worthy for me.

What’s the hype all about? It’s in Hong Ji Hong’s stare, style and smile. But it will also be fun at the same time to watch the young and the old ones in the profession to have a clash in the practice especially that they are part of an institution. As what has already been established, the young physicians have so much issue within, professionally and personally. How will they be able to show and maintain competency and loyalty to the oath that they have sworn? I have so many questions in my mind as well so I am really crossing my fingers that they may be able to put things together in the end. “Just because.”

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