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'Doctors' Episode 9-12 and 'Beautiful Mind' Introduction to Episode 12



I watched four episodes straight because I missed it last week and I was caught up with my real life series. Also, I made a review of it the last time but I was really disappointed that I accidentally delete it. So I needed 2 days to cope up after. As I believe that writing is a feeling and when it passes, sometimes we are not able to convey what we truly feel on that moment. What a loss, indeed and I am still recuperating. But I have found the courage to write another one so I am making this entry. Though I feel that the last one was very expressive, I’ll try my best to make this one interesting as well. I hope you’ll be able to share your thoughts with me too. Please.

These past few episodes of Doctors is not a let-down contrary to the criticisms it received from the many viewers because of the stagnant love story between Hong Ji Hong and Yoo Hye Jung. In these episodes, they have finally shown some maturity and owning up to their emotions not just as lovers but also, their limitation as humans. As a viewer, I was glad that finally, they have stepped up their game and they were able to sort out their feelings. I truly felt that the space was necessary for the both of them to grow as individuals. Don’t you think so? Or was it just necessary to cope with the lack of development in the story? I want to hear that from you as well.

The story wouldn’t be progressing without the antagonists which are the group of Doctors who was turning the institution to become privatized. Nonetheless, I feel that Doctors is made to conquer all these challenges through the lead, Hong Ji Hong as the adopted son of the late Director. The late Director was a warm hearted man who raised Ji Hong to be a such a good son. It was quite saddening that they lost not just the forerunner of neurosurgeon but also, a good mentor in neurosurgery. In this sense, there is a similarity to the plot of Beautiful Mind though I am not really interested to know which was written and produced first but these similarities would somehow make them competitors not just for being aired in the same time slot but also with how the story is going. 

To me, both of these dramas are doing well as long as I enjoy them both. I really like the fact that I don’t need to choose what to watch because I feel that despite these similarities, they can offer something different from one another. Doctors is more based on the romance story-wise. On the other hand, Beautiful Mind is more concentrated on the medical aspect. Therefore, I can’t really judge them based on what they are being made for. I would only want to think that it’s just a coincidence for these two to be put against each other.

Besides, I am a huge fan of the actors behind these dramas: Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye for Doctors and Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam for Beautiful Mind. So, I don’t think that I have the right to complain when these dramas have amazing actors, right? 

Speaking of the acting, Lee Sung Kyung as Jin Seo Woo is doing a good job in the acting department. I should be hating her for character in the drama but all I can say is that she’s been great at being immature and at the same time, just holding on to her character. She delivers it without being annoying in her role which I think makes a great difference for her role in the story. She is supposed to be hated but sometimes, I feel for her. She cries really painfully and you just realize that there are a lot of factors that contribute to her attitude and one of them is the pressure that she gets from her family. Then, Dr. Jung is being a jerk to her. So, I guess that she only needs someone who can understand her like her friend, Pi Young Kook. So whenever she’s around him, she’s not that despicable but rather adorable. This is also one of the reasons why he sticks to her maybe or that he’s in love with her. Furthermore, I think that Dr. Jung is also being immature for turning her down like a total jerk. As friends, he should not be acting all superior to her no matter how much she is being bitter.

Anyway, moving on Beautiful Mind:

Plot: It is a story about a genius doctor and was raised by his foster father. He received a medical attention when he was a young boy from his father who was also a doctor. Years later, he excelled in the field of medicine as a neurosurgeon.

I think that it is not a well written, plot-wise but the focus of the drama is more medical than Doctors. That makes it as a great aspect in the series because the genius doctor Lee Yong Oh’s expertise is being highlighted. Thus, he makes everyone around him intimidated that leads him to being an outcast among others. This drama is a great access to the lack of delicate scenes in surgery procedures from Doctors. Though Doctors might have shown quite the right amount, Beautiful Mind is more superior in the essence of medicine.

Unfortunately, the addition of politics and business in the plot has affected the interest of the viewers in the story even though it wasn’t that emphasized as much as the main story. Furthermore, the development of the story goes to the revelations that is gradually being opened in each episode which is a good sign for them that a development is happening.

The story also comes with romance which I believe was something that needed to be cut off due to the shortening of episodes. Personally, I feel that it was unnecessary for them to cut it short because who cares about ratings? Am I right? As long as the story has its foundation, they must pursue it until the concluding episode. Nonetheless, I couldn’t complain much because it has been decided and I am just glad perhaps that they at least made a good drama.

Finally, I could go on praising the acting from the roles but I’d choose to talk about the sincerity of its purpose. It is undeniable that this has made a deep impression on me for being too honest and for putting reality as the foundation in the story. Lee Yong Oh is such a lonely act and his struggle has been masked by his intelligence and logic. Therefore, for being diagnosed of antisocial disorder, he can’t feel emotions. But he is rather full of sincerity than the ones who are deemed normal in their emotions. What has touched me is that he maybe denying his feelings but his actions couldn’t lie of how much he truly cares. Thus, I feel that with the appearance of Gye Jin Sung in his life sparked an expression of himself. In that kind of way, she complements him and he feels likewise. So, the romance is not really the biggest point of the story but it is complementary to the main role as Yong Oh. As we being humans, some of ourselves are missing until we find the person who will fill our hollow hearts with love and acceptance. That feeling came to Lee Yong Oh upon realizing Gye Jin Sung’s presence to him.

I will make a more comprehensive context of Beautiful Mind on its Review so I hope that you will check it out. Also, please share with me your thoughts with me by commenting below because I would like to hear your thoughts as well. And if you haven’t checked this drama out, it’s only 14 episodes so you have no excuse as it may teach you many things while giving you entertainment as well.

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