Thursday, August 4, 2016

Review: Beautiful Mind (2016)

Plot: Lee Yong Oh is an excellent neurosurgeon suffering from antisocial disorder. However, he became involved in the series of deaths of his patients. A police officer, Gye Jin Sung assumed the responsibility to put justice in these events. She was inevitably prying too much and eventually became of help to Lee Yong Oh to overcome his inability to emphatize.


Started from the bottom and now we’re here. I am so glad that I watched this series because it was totally worth it and compelling. The controversy surrounding the drama when it was cut short urged me to watch it since it was so intense coming from the viewers. Nonetheless, I heard good reviews from others. But my expectations were quite average that I didn’t expect it to be as awesome and stirring as it was. If you could get pass the first or two episodes of the series, then you are good to go because sometimes we tend to want to find what’s so great in the drama from those two episodes in which you will find nothing but merely an introduction. I believe that a good drama will make sense in the end and the story made me feel that way. 

This drama when compared to Doctors is more into the medical aspect than the romance while balancing it with the backstory and the development of the characters. Despite having low ratings, the story was solid and there was an actual direction to where it is going. Also, some people find few of the scenes boring especially when the topic is about politics and business but it was one of the element that encompassed the story so it was a given thing and there is nothing much to talk about it anyway. Therefore, I will overlook whatever issue that they were not able to put a conclusion in the end for as long as the important issues raised were given the emphasis of its resolution. Since it’s not a family drama that airs for 50 episodes or more, we should it them some slack because they were tremendous at the procedures that they have shot at the operating room or even at the medical terms that they used.

The comparison between Beautiful Mind and Doctors is inevitable since both have the same specialty which is neurosurgery and they were also aired at the same time. Nonetheless I feel that both of them deserves the love that they have and will receive. Like I said in the previous entry, it may just be a coincidence since both are doing well and I believe that they were written for different purposes so as a fan of both, I will just live in peace that I don’t need to compare them to pull the other drama down over the other. They both can offer us entertainment and besides, they are composed of excellent actors to bring life in the characters.

Jang Hyuk is excellent and so is Park So Dam. Everyone in the series is just lovable in my eyes and I could only thank them for doing this drama a favour which is simply being part of it. I like the fact that they have complemented each other well and you can see their harmony in the set which is a given thing for the hard work that they have done together. But Park So Dam was a big revelation to me. She’s just the right person to land the role of Gye Jin Sung for the splendid aura that she brought to the series. She’s just a natural actress and she has scored a fan for her role. I’m sure that a lot of viewers found her very refreshing and I couldn’t help but fall for her charm. Her chemistry with Jang Hyuk despite the age difference was something that they were able to deliver as I did feel their connection. They were just adorable together and there was really a spark between them that only talented actors can make it work despite the oddity of it.

Yoon Hyun Min from Heartless City is also part of this team and as expected from him, he's really cool and is ready to smash his role. I have always been a believer of his talent and I wish that in the future, he'll get many recognition for his craft because he's not getting as much love that he deserves. But seriously, he's always been great and worth mentioning to me. Not to miss it, his friendship with Jung Kyung Ho in Heartless City is legendary.

If there was one thing that was lacking in making it a hit to me would be the lack of background music but perhaps and strangely, it did both the good and bad with more of its advantage. The lack of music might be boring for the scenes but the feelings were raw and the talent to deliver is even more challenging yet satisfying. I got to appreciate more because there were less of it. But to some, I’m sure that it was one of their problems to get through a scene or two. 

Should you watch it? Of course. If you have seen it already, then I want to hear your thoughts too!

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